Clothes Mentor

I love this consignment chain! I went for the first time last week and spent millions…maybe…maybe could’ve.Anyway, here is my haul. I was pleased with the prices and conditions and fiber choices for my fabric snobbery (or snobbobery to use my dad’s version of the word). I don’t look good in capris, so I am… Continue reading Clothes Mentor

The Elite

Yeah, so I totally forgot about this…why you ask? Well, ahem, all my ridiculously adolescent fangirling didn’t end well. I started reading, became impatient, skipped through, was thoroughly disgusted (I know I should have had a clue), and sent both the books back a few days after receiving The Elite. Contemplated this blog post and… Continue reading The Elite

The Selection

Ah me, I love my princess stories. I think I may have mentioned The Selection months ago. I finally bought my own copy and reread it because…..the sequel, The Elite is coming out tomoorrrooow (eeeee!!!!). Of course I preordered it. I thought I would be getting it Thursday, but I got an email today stating that it should… Continue reading The Selection

Black Arrow

Here is a reviewette I wrote months ago.When our church had a bookclub one month Treasure Island was chosen, and I started the novel. I got bored, skipped through the rest, and didn’t wish to finish it. I thought I had better choose a different novel when I went back to attempt Robert Louis Stevenson.… Continue reading Black Arrow

Literary Heroines Blog Party

Miss Kellie from Accordion to Kellie is hosting her annual Literary Heroine Blog Party and Giveaway (here)I think I may have participated last year although I don’t know if I kept that post. Anyway, here are the questions she posted and my answers to said questions. ~ The Questions ~ Introduce yourself! Divulge your life’s… Continue reading Literary Heroines Blog Party

Sweet Cornbread

          I am neither a cook nor a baker, but I want to be able to serve a decent meal. I think that if I master one dish at a time it will be easier to develop a decent set of skills. When I tasted this cornbread at a friend’s, I… Continue reading Sweet Cornbread

Christmas Part Two

I am afraid that there will be two more Christmas posts. Too bad peoples, I love documenting absolutely everything. I made these  “Grinch” cookies for my dad on the 23rd and got my littlest sister to illustrate the sign. I had wanted to have them out waiting on Christmas morning as kids do with cookies for… Continue reading Christmas Part Two