April Showers

“Snow in April is abominable,” said Anne. “Like a slap in the face when you expected a kiss.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Ingleside

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Bridgerton Thoughts

When I saw the previews back in December 2020, I wanted to watch it and just should have immediately done so because after it came out, everyone on the internet, ew folks, don’t embarrass yourselves. So I will never fully rid myself of that icky feeling. And I couldn’t avoid it. I’ve actively avoid reading… Continue reading Bridgerton Thoughts

My List for Classics Club Spin #29

I’m joining in the Classics Club spin #29, here. I’ve not done great on this list, and I’m reeaaaallly not doing great on reading period, so we’ll see. Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh Cymbelline Henry VI, Part 1 Henry VI, Part 2 Henry VI, Part 3 Henry VIII House… Continue reading My List for Classics Club Spin #29

Death on the Nile

BEWARE SPOILERS INCLUDED IN THIS REVIEW!!! Saturday I went to see Death on the Nile with two of my sisters and my sister in law. I don’t go to see movies much (averaging less than one a year?), and between covid and fewer showtimes working with my schedule, I haven’t been since Jan of Feb… Continue reading Death on the Nile

Countdown to Christmas: Week 3

At some point I realized I really should be knitting and watching Hallmark. I’m going to do a separate post on all the Hallmarks I watched this Christmas season. Day 15 Watched Christmas with Holly. Decorated my bedroom tree (!!!!!). It’s makes me SO happy! Read more of A Christmas Carol and opened the package… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas: Week 3

Countdown to Christmas: Week 2, December 8th to 14th

Day 8 5 Stages of Christmas lights “Who put these away . . . It was me, on Memorial day.” Romney Ellen’s Christmas Room Makeover. Loepsie’s 1st Christmas Vlog. Lit my Christmas Candle and read a bit of A Christmas Carol. Day 9 Lauren Johnson’s Reformation Style Christmas Dress Thrift Flip Day 10 Bought a… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas: Week 2, December 8th to 14th

Countdown to Christmas Week 1

I think I did this last year, in lieu of getting an advent calendar (need to budget and plan better) and because I’m feeling Grinch-y, I’ve been trying to do some sort of Christmas activity every day of December until Christmas (well and after, since it. is. still. Christmas, the 12 days start on Christmas). Day… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas Week 1

A Literary Christmas

I’m linking up here for A Literary Christmas. I think I’ll also make this list a page. Whew, this list took well, hours I think, because I wanted to format it, so that if I went to the library, I could find books faster. I also wanted plenty to choose from this year and beyond.… Continue reading A Literary Christmas

My (Somewhat) Dramatic Autumn Thus Far

October = Castlemania. This time I started from the beginning (so good) and watched into season 6 thinking that maybe I’d be able to watch the whole show. Then 7 happened, and there is the sour note (and I’ve plenty to saw, so prepared to be bored by a few more Castle posts coming up).… Continue reading My (Somewhat) Dramatic Autumn Thus Far

Favorite Castle Quotes, Early Seasons

For your reading pleasure, I present some choice quotes from the first (3 I think) seasons of Castle. And in lieu of a post that requires some thinking . . . ~~~~~~~~~ “Careful Hans, your New Jersey is showing.” ~~~~~~~~~ “From the library of Katherine Beckett.” “Do you have a problem with reading, Ryan?” “Yo,… Continue reading Favorite Castle Quotes, Early Seasons