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    What I Watched June 2021: Youtube Humor

    I’m usually irritated with Youtube for suggesting people I already know about or even videos of people I follow (thanks, I know how to find those myself), but somehow I stumbled on Jaime French’s Makeup and Movies.


    I started with Raise Your Voice review. I was crying with laughter. Her humor reminds me of Micarah Tewers mixed with a Trey Kennedy video and our family (we do a lot of faces and voices).

    “He and his toothpick, they know what’s going on.”

    “Meanwhile ‘Jerry’, they are back to working on the song together. So I guess Jay is forgiven. That drunken rooftop sleepover, it healed all of Terry’s wounds.”


    Britney Spears one.

    “Ben falls asleep in the back sleep; he had a rough night . . . of pouting.”

    “He is throwing the best fit I’ve seen in any movie. Man, that’s attractive.”


    And her newest one, a classic favorite cheesy teen movie, A Cinderella Story.

    “I don’t know what is worse, his facial expression or her wording choice.”
    “We should turn in.”
    “Yes, Hilary, we should turn in, tis been a fortnight since I got a proper slumber.”

    “He doesn’t recognize her neither do her own stepsisters. They see her but they don’t know her because of her very deceiving mask . . .”

    “I’m misunderstood. I’m not the homecoming prince football captain douche lord that you think I am.”


    Then I found her Beauty YouTubers in 2014 be like:  (Also, I feel like I just recently noticed the highlighting the tip of your nose trend, some people are actually blushing it too . . . why is the Rudolph look popular?!!! I’m trying to cover up my pink nose!)

    Then the even better If Beauty YouTubers Existed in 2004

    Then the even more hilarious If Beauty YouTubers Existed In 1999

    I shared some of Jean Shorts Comedy on the 4th of July (this is not super new for me really just an extension of Trey Kennedy’s videos with his videography Jake Triplett and his friend Brad Ellis of the Ghostrunners Podcast).

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    More Fun

    Watching a Jess and Gabe video, around 4:17-ish mark “oldest homeschooled kids naivity” yes, I said it’s a thing people.

    Tied in with this subject added to my general lack of musicality/muscial interest/musical tolerance, Mom and I were watching a Hallmark movies, and I think they usually have generic music, but Mom started singing along.

    “You know this?”

    “Uh, yeah, Diana Ross and the Supremes.” As if I should know formerly sheltered and musically deficient being that I was/am . . .

    I mention my lack of musicality.

    “Do you know who the Beatles are?”

    Gee, thanks Mom, yes I know the Beatles, also you had Beatles records in the basement when we were growing up.

    If you haven’t noticed, I’m rather brain dead. I’m also starting three summer classes this week and hopefully returning to 40 hours. Maybe one day I will write real posts, but as my Mom likes to say, “It is not this day!” (the only part she likes from LotR). Edit: well, it will be this day when this posts because I’m in the mood.

    Another find from trending, Honest Friends Trailer. An honest look at the Ross and Rachel relationship. Hilarious. I do like Friends, I think you have to like something to honestly appreciate spoofing, otherwise it is just spite.

    Here is the playlist to peruse.

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    Fun for This Week

    I’m still working but between mandated off days that don’t follow any sort of pattern and everything going on or rather not going on, the days and weeks are blurring together. I have to keep checking to see if it’s a new week from the last time I posted one of these, lol.

    Pocket Princesses (on zoom). I totally forgot about Pocket Princesses, but for some reason they popped up in a search or somewhere shared them or something. So now I follow them on Instagram (or maybe refollow?). They are both cute and hilarious.

    Crow’s Eye Productions Walk with Me videos. The team behind Crow’s Eye production has a model in different period dresses in gorgeous nature videos with music and quotations (regency one is from Emma).

    This youtube channel. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before. The “You know you’re dating a person from insert country, when” videos as well as the cultural stereotype videos are hilarious. They have a lot of countries I don’t know much about or don’t see many videos about.

    Basic Bro’s During Safe at Home.  The gym withdrawal, lol.

    Day 1 vs Day 50 Staying at Home. “It’s stuck to me at this point, so.”

    16 Personalities as Youtubers

    16 Personalities Reacting to 16 Personality videos. ISTJ “Myers-Briggs is pseudoscience.” Yeah, that is me this one.

    I also decided to rewatch A Very Potter Musical  . . . because I’m classy. Oh, my stars, it’s hilarious. Someone else commented (I think I thought this before or someone mentioned it before), but um, this Ron is FAR better than the movie Ron. Actually, he’s better than book Ron (oh, sacrilege). Oh, my word, that chocolate bar scene! Ron’s emotional eating is something else. Another blogger mentioned something that triggered the memory train of naive homeschooler moments . . . yah, I learned some things from this musical. I

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    Link Love: Culture Clips

    Strategies for using social media well.

    This short film (I can only recommend this particular one; there is another I don’t recommend)

    This and this. These are poetry videos (I can only recommend these I post here; there are others I don’t recommend). I really struggle with poetry, perhaps I should see if mixed media poetry forms will help me. These are the same people who did the above video and Kissing in the Rain (which, if you need a semi-sweet respite, is just the thing). I just love their work.

    Perhaps we need to be more interesting (otherwise known as “having a life”).

    And because I’m contrary, here and here are humorous takes on essential oils (though to be honest my main issue is . . . I don’t really like smells, like almost NONE).

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    Sponsor a Millennial and Link Fun

    I’m constantly collecting bookmarks, and since I enjoy link posts (sometimes a source of the bookmarks), I thought I would make link posts occasionally. I’d prefer mine to be themed though, so this one is about generations, generation divide, etc.

    I’m still not tired of finding new satires on millennials. So, here is another one some of our friends mentioned.

    Here is an extremely interesting division of all the U.S. generations (I found this after wondering how many generations back any American could trace his lineage, assuming the furthest limit).

    This is a main cause for millennial issues. Also, hilarious, and points out parental issues (although you can have brats without material indulgence, or any indulgence at all) . . . and the snowball effect. This is common sense, people. Or rather should be.

    Can you score well on these 8th grade exams? I printed them out and started, then realized I should just use them for reference to study!

    I’m a millennial, I realize, and I don’t like when the boomers bash us, um, I don’t think the people responsible for raising us and our parents should talk about irresponsibility, ya know?! I’ve read several criticisms of that generation’s selfishness . . . snowball effect. Nevertheless, I am usually disgusted with my generation and the one after that (Gen Z, post-Millennial, iGen, whatever you want to call it), I know some most criticisms are true (I just don’t swallow the disbelief, self-righteousness, and irresponsibility of the older generations, um, sorry, its pretty easy to figure out how it happened). Anyway, when people hilariously point out the absurdities of my generation, I enjoy it mightily (and I know I deserve a lot of it too).

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    Studio C Video on Millenials and Entitlement. . . or Really Anyone Today, “You Deserve a Better You”

    Watch this video. It’s hilarious. One of the laughing out loud videos. While you are on the Studio C channel, watch, “You’re so Lucky.” Another good recent one dealing with the competitiveness of hardships (!) and the condescending, “I wish I had your kind of time” attitude. Not as good as “You Deserve a Better You”  but still hilarious. Yay, for clean humor. And yay, for particularly relevant humor.