The Book Thief

This is my reaction upon reading this book several weeks ago. I didn’t want to modify it much, just a few edits.Um, everything and everything. What do I even say? Rudy. Rudy! Liesel and Max HAVE to marry since Rudy died. That is the only way after that ruination. My sister (who reads Dostoevsky and… Continue reading The Book Thief

The Elite

Yeah, so I totally forgot about this…why you ask? Well, ahem, all my ridiculously adolescent fangirling didn’t end well. I started reading, became impatient, skipped through, was thoroughly disgusted (I know I should have had a clue), and sent both the books back a few days after receiving The Elite. Contemplated this blog post and… Continue reading The Elite

The Selection

Ah me, I love my princess stories. I think I may have mentioned The Selection months ago. I finally bought my own copy and reread it because…..the sequel, The Elite is coming out tomoorrrooow (eeeee!!!!). Of course I preordered it. I thought I would be getting it Thursday, but I got an email today stating that it should… Continue reading The Selection

Girly Stories: Fairy tales Retold

The genre or sub-genre of retold fairy tales is one of my favorite. When Miss Charity of Austinitis wrote about reading  Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, I knew I needed to list the fairy tales that I have read. Arabian Nights: (the original plot not the stories the heroine told)The Storyteller’s Daughter by Cameron Dokey. It was… Continue reading Girly Stories: Fairy tales Retold