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    I love this consignment chain! I went for the first time last week and spent millions…maybe…maybe could’ve.
    Anyway, here is my haul. I was pleased with the prices and conditions and fiber choices for my fabric snobbery (or snobbobery to use my dad’s version of the word). I don’t look good in capris, so I am planning on making the capris into Bermuda shorts. I am also planning on letting out the pleats at the botton of the white top, taking off the heavy hem, and taking in the sides a bit. Other than that everything should fit nicely…after I finished losing my weight.

    Price: $7   Brand: New York and Company   Material: 78% cotton, 20% polyester (ugh), 2% spandex
     Price: $16   Brand: Ann Taylor   Material: 55% cotton, the rest various manmade fibers
    Price: $16   Brand: Ann Taylor  Material: 100% silk
    Price: $10   Brand: New York and Company   Material: 100% cotton
    Price: $10   Brand: Express   Material: 55% silk, 45% cotton
    Price: $10   Brand: Cynthia Rowley   Material: 55% linen, 45% rayon
    Price: $9   Brand: Ann Taylor LOFT   Material: 100% cotton
    Price: $6   Brand: Apt. 9   Material: Trim: 100% silk, Body: 58% silk, 27% nylon, 15% cotton
    Price: $10   Brand: Talbots   Material: 58%  silk, 42% cotton
    Price: $10   Brand: Unlisted
    Price: $7   Brand: Impo
    Price: $18   Brand: Madden Girl
    I am sooo sorry for all these fluffy posts. I am waaaay behind on my Classics Club reviews; I am doing (in starts and stops) the old-fashioned and, for me, more expressive hand-written draft route first. I am afraid my Middlemarch review may be as long as the book itself…well, it could be. Hopefully, I will have at least one of those up this week.