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    Blogmas Day 3: Christmas Wishlist

    I am probably going to catch up because I don’t want to do the next few. I am linking up here.

    For this past birthday I put together a wishlist because I am so picky that I’m difficult to buy for. I got three things off of it!!!! I updated it and sent it out for Christmas, so I’m hoping I will get more off of it. I put things that are fairly easy to find (except the calligraphy pens) because I can get a lot of my picky stuff myself (like luxury yarns, shoes, jewelry, etc.), and I made sure I made it organized and simple with enough for the giver to be able to choose but not enough to be overwhelmed.

    One thing I want to buy this season is sparkly paper and silver cord to make snowflakes and cinnamon candy canes. And perhaps I can find the teeny-tiny white fairy lights I want on sale and Mixbook might go on sale again (although that is too much spending).

    Cinderella Soundtrack
    Grandma’s German Cookbook (publisher is DK; isbn is 978-0-7566-9432-6)
    Madeleine pan
    The Shop Around the Corner (with James Stewart)
    Handbag Designer 101 (by Emily Blumenthal)
    Spätzle maker
    The Hollow Crown Trilogy (Shakespearean plays with Tom Hiddleston)
    Piano Guys Album “Wonderful”
    The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques (By Lynda Maynard)
    Left-Handed Calligraphy Pens (these: FP95. Manuscript Beginner’s Set or FP90. Manuscript Deluxe FP Set; choose LH under size)
    Taylor Swift Albums “Fearless” and “Speak Now”
    The Book Thief (hardback)
    Wooden Springerle and Spekulatius cookie molds
    Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtracks “The Curse of the Black Pearl” and “At World’s End” (I have the middle one already
    Festive Baking: Holiday classics in the Swiss, German, and Austrian tradition (isbn is 978-0385197311)
    “I Love This Yarn” brand of cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby