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    Reigniting Tolkien Nerdiness

    I watched these two Wired videos (here and here) in which a Tolkien expert answers a bunch of questions a couple months ago. It is a Tolkien nerd’s dream.

    And of course I’ve also gotten touches of Lord of the Rings when listening to The Friendship Onion as well.

    I’ve always wanted to reread The Silmarillion and the other works I missed, and now I’m definitely going to this year, and I want to read the books chronologically. I think they aren’t all quite chronological (as in the stories might jump around), so I might use this (awesomely nerdy) system

    I listened to this podcast awhile back regarding the accuracy of our understanding of Tolkien (particularly in his most famous biograph by Humphrey Carpenter who apparently had it out for Tolkien and so twisted the perspective at least). So I’d like to read the guest (Holly Ordway) author’s book, Tolkien’s Modern ReadingĀ as well. Along with maybe some of the books on the art of Middle Earth and anything extra like that.

    I wasn’t sure if this was going to happen this year, but it turns out Hamlette is still doing her Tolkien celebration blog event, so I think I’d like to start on my rereading soon!

    And maybe I can round it all out rewatching the movies? I’ve not seen the extended versions of the Hobbits and those films are SO not following the canon, so we’ll see.