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    I had some coupons for a local tea parlor, so I took my grandmother for her birthday. The parlor is connected to an adorable shop and my grandmother bought me some tea items plus some cookie cutters to use for a wedding shower (we, church+family, have lots of gender reveal parties (I am not super crazy about this; our culture is too into selfish parties and more and more showers and gifts, but for our cousins I am excited) baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, and births starting from late September to January/February).
    We had a sweet scone and a savory scone, zucchini muffins, corn souffle, turkey sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, benedictine sandwich, mini shish kebab of sorts, and a variety of cookies and cupcakes.

    I just love polka dots.

    I have the job of using these and making adorable cookies for one of the wedding showers.
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    A Period Drama Inspired Tea

    I held a somewhat period drama inspired tea party during my past Spring Break. It was lovely and for once all my food preparations turned out well. I had more than enough food, but that should always be the case I think. One friend brought some food, but I like I said, I had plenty, so I didn’t feel as if I had to have more food. I was also timely thanks to another friend who came early to help prepare food.

    I had tons of fresh flowers which my mom bought from the grocery store, and I made garlands of book page hearts from thrift store books (Narnia and Persuasion...the books have to be good ones of course!)…one sister thought this was an act of desecration…-__-

    I facebooked most people a month to a few weeks ahead of time, so people could keep their calendar open, and then a week ahead of time I sent fancy invitations. They were a little rushed and my wax seals didn’t work out properly (I used candles and not the taper type either), but I can always improve…and besides I recently bought the proper kind of wax sticks!

    We had our tea…or lemonade for the fakers like myself, and then we played some lovely period drama quizzes borrowed with permission from Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm. After that those that could watched the 2008 Sense and Sensibility.

    Forgive my sad privacy photo editing. The first three photos are my own iphone photos.