Running Wild in Impractical Outfits Tag

Elizabeth from Autumn Ink tagged me in for this lovely whimsical tag. It’s funny I understood “impractical outfits” to be “impractical dresses” assuming billowing dresses in fields and woods sort of thing. And so that is what mine is going to be, that is what it would mean for me. I’ve modified or changed or… Continue reading Running Wild in Impractical Outfits Tag

Mystery Blogger Award

Elizabeth from Autumn Ink tagged me for the Mystery Blogger Award. What is the first pairing you remember shipping? Hmm, maybe Heidi and Peter from the 1980’s Heidi, but then I also had a crush on Peter myself. That at least was one of my earliest shippings.   What is the weirdest, most unusual, or one-of-a-kind thing… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

Heidi’s Valentine’s Day Period Drama Party Tag

I’m joining here: Heidi’s Valentine’s Day Period Drama Party Tag. 1) Your current three (or up to five!) favorite period dramas? Does Cinderella 2012 count? Ever After is an evergreen favorite. I honestly feel that I’ve worn all the other ones (the Jane Austen adaptations) out with over watching, and I’ve not found anything new… Continue reading Heidi’s Valentine’s Day Period Drama Party Tag

Sunshine Blogger Award

McKayla tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. And as usual, I’m quite timely. What genre was the last movie you watched? What are your three favorite movies in said genre? Hallmark, but I’m not going to count that. I think non-Hallmark is Princess Diaries which is I guess modern Rom-Com. At the moment, that is… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

Narnia Tag

Narnia is so Christmassy, my sisters I think have made watching Narnia during Christmas a tradition. I saw Katie do this tag, (origin of tag here) and I decided to consider myself tagged as I do whenever I like a tag. Rating My Narnia Fanatic Level 1. Nostalgic Fanatic — you read the book and/or… Continue reading Narnia Tag

Disney Prince Tag

Alison from Alison’s Well tagged me a few weeks ago. Here’s the link to her original post. It’s taken me awhile to figure out some good ones, I wanted to try to get as many lesser know characters as I could . . . not sure that really worked. I’ve not watched enough movies, and… Continue reading Disney Prince Tag

Medieval Queens Book Tag

Catherine from Based on the Book tagged me for this historical tag weeks ago, possibly months. I thought this was a fun take on tags, but I was less than inspired in my answers. I really need to not read in such predictable patterns, at least on occasion. Empress Matilda (1102-1167) After her father, Henry… Continue reading Medieval Queens Book Tag

Mystery Blogger Award

Ivy Miranda tagged me for this. 1.) What is it that you hope to achieve in your lifetime? That is a good question. I think I’m sort of a petty hedonist really, I just want to enjoy like in my Hobbit sort of way. That is terrible, but oh well. 2.) Who is your favorite… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award