Style Icons

I read and see so many people trying to imitate a few of Audrey Hepburn’s looks. All of the ones I can remember do not have the Winter coloring necessary for wearing black; read color experts, not everyone can wear black. Most do not have her body shape. Style icons look good oftentimes because at… Continue reading Style Icons

Business Fashion

This is an important topic for me since I am trying to work my way into a more professional office environment and to pursue a graduate degree in business. Technically I am supposed to wear business casual, but that category has a great variety of definitions. I researched business and business casual dress in preparation.… Continue reading Business Fashion

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Outfit

I ordered two new Eshakti dresses. When I received the first one, my reaction was, “It is like a Cinderella dress!” My sister replied, “Or like Belle if you add white.” So I decided that I would put a white blouse underneath. I fixed my hair a bit like hers; I was too impatient and… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Inspired Outfit

A Fashion Post

We have had some yearly shopping trips for the ladies of Mom’s big Southern family and after the last one my mom’s aunt (who is actually around Mom’s age) told us about an AWESOME style site: I love the original Color Me Beautiful and the original make-up book. That first book and TLC’s What Not to Wear… Continue reading A Fashion Post