• Daily Life

    What I’ve Been Up To

    I can’t remember my last update, so


    I became full-time at my job which I needed but because of the commute wasn’t worth it except as a temporary opportunity in case the full bank buy transition would open things up, so I was still actively looking especially since I was took my Cold War with my bosses to more of a warm one. I didn’t get any change and couldn’t wait, so I accepted another position at another bank with improved conditions, and then literally on my 3rd to last day, I was offered literally exactly what I wanted, full-time and the nearest location (like 5 minutes) to my apartment.

    It’s an improvement on the last year, especially the beginning of this one, but it’s not well-paying. It would have been a great entry-level job for a recent college grad interesting in climbing up in the banking world. For me it’s a decent temporary solution.


    So, I’m also enrolled in a local web development course. I’d taken courses in college, but it wasn’t worth the cost, and I changed direction, and I’d studied on my own, but kept running to ground on Javascript. And this offers networking and job search help. Thus far, I’m really hopeful.


    I have more time and more knowledge, so I’ve managed to start a little grow pot garden on my balcony from purchased plants, and I’ve now successfully planted the basil seeds Mom gave me, they are tiny, but they did germinate.

    I finally purchased some Jovial einkorn flour. And I just started day 1 of their sourdough started, and I’m trying this recipe while I wait for my started to grow.

    I tried sauerkraut, but I need to try again. That’s all I’ll say for that experiment.

    I finally got Bjorn groomed, so he’s been “reset”, so now I’m trying to get him brushed almost every day. He was a little ragamuffin.


    Just normal family gatherings. And a family wedding which was the most fun I’ve had, because I care less than I’ve ever done (which is still too much) about what people think and was forcing myself to try and not think about it and just enjoy.

    So my reading has been abysmal this year. Between less time, lack of focus, and lack of books that can really pull me in, I’ve read a whopping 16 books this year and one of those was a graphic novel. The graphic novel and a nonfiction book were definite winners. There were a lot of meh books. I need to find more wins, especially that introduce me to new authors where I can just read about any of their books and enjoy it. So, I’m focusing on that.


    I felt like we hardly had a spring last year and it got hot too fast, but I think that was because it rained so much more than usual all April and May as if we were England (seriously, I looked up rain amounts). Well short spring this year, because 80’s in the beginning of May, I’m not sure if we’ve reached 90 or not, but we might before the end of the month. Awesome, I love being steam cooked.

    I learned in Virginia that a pineapple is a sign of hospitality, at least for some of the South (clearly not this lady). Well, I learned (at work, here I was thinking banking was going to be so prim and proper) that an upside down one is the sign of TOO much hospitality. In short, it means you are open to swing. As in swingers. I’ll leave you to mull that one over.

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    Spring Plans

    I’ve updated my Spring list in my pages above. I will add to it as I find more Spring ideas and videos. I highly suggest Darling Desi’s 🌷How To Feel Like Springtime🌷 books, movies, tv shows & activity recommendations. I welcome any suggestions as well.

    I’m rather bummed that I’m already currently being fried/steamed with 80+ (sometime humid) degree weather (we broke a record earlier this week). So it feels like summer, I’m wanting to enjoy spring first!!! Not have an endless (5 month!!!!) summer.

    Here is my currently bucket list. I also should include . . . blog more. I should have more time with my new schedule on the weekends, so hopefully I should have more mental energy. And maybe I can eventually get my blog redesigned.

    Activities/Bucket List
    • Basically a lot of summery things that I would die of heat if I did these in summer (might still in the spring since it’s early May and this week is 80’s)
    • Make a giant pouf/beanbag to sit on my balcony and read
    • Visit parks and nature preserves, hopefully to see spring flowers
    • Farmers Market
    • Plant a balcony garden
    • I’d like to visit some local nurseries and plant shops and not just get everything from Lowe’s and such
    • Picnic
    • Hiking
    • Dog park
    • Garden parties, tea parties
    • Reading outside
    • Camping
    • U-pick strawberries
    • Bake a strawberry cake
    • Maybe make strawberry jam
    • Learn watercolor
    • Do more fan sketches again
    • Learn pastels/crayons
    • Make some spring goodies
    • Swimming


  • Daily Life

    Spring Bucket List

    ~Get/make a cute baby gift for my brother and sister-in-law’s gender reveal party

    ~Take several hiking and day trips

    ~Make this macaroni and cheese

    ~Go outside more

    ~Go fruit and berry picking

    ~Make some Spring treats


    ~Re-read the Penderwicks in time for the new book

    ~Make an Easter dress

    ~Splurge on (and use) watercolor and calligraphy supplies