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    My Favorite Songs from My Favorite Musicals

    I started writing out my comment on this post, and I realized it would be far too long and should make a post.

    Favorite musical numbers from live-action musicals

    ·       Sound of Music: the Ländler, “Edelweiss,” and “My Few of My Favorite Things”
    ·       Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: “Goin Courtin”
    ·       Les Mis: (not a huge fan; I’ve also only seen the movie): “Do You Hear the People Sing”
    ·       Phantom: “Think of Me Fondly,” “All I ask of You,” “The Music of the Night,”  And, well most of the songs
    ·       Music Man: “Good Night My Someone”

    Disney/Animated Favorites

    ·       Tangled: “At Last I See the Light” and “Kingdom Dance”
    ·       Beauty and the Beast: “Prologue” music and “Transformation”
    ·       How to Train Your Dragon 2: “For the Dancing and the Dreaming”
    ·       Swan Princess: “Far Longer than Forever”
    ·       Anastasia: “Once Upon a December”
    ·       Tarzan: “You’ll Be in My Heart”

    I like other Disney songs, but I think these are my favorites.
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    The Music Man

    We went and saw two high school/middle school theater productions in the past few weeks. One was Pride and Prejudice which I must say was rather mediocre, especially in light of the second production. I do not think the story lends itself well to play format anyway though.

    The other performance was The Music Man. I had heard of the movie, but opted out of joining my family to see it as I wanted to spend my coveted evening working productively (which miraculously I did), and because I did not know the story. But when my family came home they were effusive. I have a habit of missing the really brilliant high school plays (I am still furious with myself for missing two performances when I was in high school; the home-school theater glory days it seemed until now).

    The next evening we went out to dinner, and I brought up the musical. Mom said one of my sisters wanted to see it again. So my three little sisters piled into my car, and we claimed a front and central view. I am so glad I could see it. We knew several of the principle actors, and they did such a good job. The whole performance was just darling. I had heard of a few of the song titles, and perhaps part of one of the songs before.

    I soon ordered the movie and Broadway soundtrack from the library, and the ladies of the family watched the movie together. I preferred the little people’s version, but I still enjoyed the movie and would like to see it on Broadway (with a younger, handsomer music man).

    Anyway, I have a new song to add to my scanty repertoire of songs which I like: “Goodnight My Someone”