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    Another Fashion Post: Epic Boot Buy

    I am Summer in colors, and apparently also in style. I struggle with my winter style. I know what I want, but it is much more expensive and/or time consuming (since I need to sew and knit some items).

    I have been a little bit better than last year um maybe? sometimes? but my style really still needs work. I look too librarian/schoolmarmish sometimes and too school girlish other times. The first style is fine for some people . . . above age 30 . . . and the latter for some below age 20. I am not satisfied for either look for me. I like elegant.

    Anyway. I am really, really, REALLY picky about boots. I remember reading What I Wore about the concept of cost per wear. And I wanted real leather boots. I really want grey boots, but I can use brown too. I am picky about style too. I want round toe and do not like the noticeable rubber soles. I want heels both because my legs are short and need lengthening and because heels make the shoes (and outfit) more elegant. But I do not like short shafts which seem to be the fashionable length for boots with heels. Anyway.

    I was searching ebay for boots. And found these.  Perfectly my style. What a deal even with the shipping. I ordered them as fast as I could. I did not say anything to anyone fearing skepticism because of ebay. But I just got them today, and they are what the listing promised.

    They have some wear, particularly on the heels. But I am not exactly gentle on shoes (I have some waiting for new heel taps), so if I had bought brand new shoes, they likely would not have looked that way long. They are snug in foot and calf width, but  I need to lose weight, so for the calves that is fine. For the feet I can suffer if need be. These boots are quite beautiful.