As I mentioned before Hamlet was my Classics Club spin pick. I put off reading it until literally the last day of May, and I finished it in one day while accomplishing other things like a ridiculously long process of hanging a very high curtain rod that possibly triggered a large nosebleed, but that is… Continue reading Hamlet

Romeo or Benedick? Knightley or Tilney?

Romeo or Benedick?Knightley or Tilney?Jack or Algernon?John Brooke or Laurie?Gilbert or Barney? Do you prefer the more traditional romantic leading men? Or the ones with personality. You can probably tell from that whom I prefer :/ How about the more popular or the overlook/rejected?Will or Norrington?Darcy or Bingley?Rochester or St. John Rivers?Pip or Herbert?

Othello Mini-Review

Again, a required read for class. My professor pointed out that Iago was the most interesting and developed character and this notification and the fact that we watched clips of the film version in which Kenneth Branagh plays Iago, caused me to really think that he alone was a interesting character. Okay not quite, Cassio… Continue reading Othello Mini-Review

My Birthday, The Hollow Crown, Knitting, and Etc.

I do not want to write a review of The Hollow Crown (the first play is overwhelmingly evil, and the last two are painfully wonderful; this is my mini-review), but since I mentioned The Hollow Crown previously, I feel duty compelled to give a warning as there are content issues in all (in varying intensities).… Continue reading My Birthday, The Hollow Crown, Knitting, and Etc.

Measure for Measure

Angelo immediately enforces Vienna’s previously neglected harsh laws against immorality. What I cannot make out is if this was against the Duke’s wishs, concurrent with them or neutral. To what end did the Duke observe Vienna in disguise? He already knew the effects caused by his neglect of punishment. Was he thinking about making Angelo… Continue reading Measure for Measure