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    Summer Aesthetic, Themes, and All Things Summer ☀️

    I’m having SO much fun planning and filling out my season Evernotes based on the categories I made. I think I’ll modify each and put them as a page during each season.  The movies are a list of movies from other bloggers’ summer suggestions plus anything else summery that I think I might like, so these are movies I haven’t watched and can’t vouch for, just possibilities. I need to do this for new to me books next year. I welcome any Summery suggestions for any category as well!

    • 4th of July
    • Family birthdays (mine and 5 others thus far)
    • Midsummer
    • Labor Day
    • Sunshine
    • Beach
    • Island
    • Adventure
    • Safari
    • Tropical
    • Jungle
    • Animals, Zoology, Oceanography
    • Nautical/Navy
    • Pirates
    • Westerns
    • Summer sports movies
    • Vibrant, vivid
    • Bold, brave
    • Happy
    • Picnics
    • Island
    • Farming
    • Country
    • A Tangled Web  2021
    • Blue Castle 2021
    • Abby books  2021
    • Eight Cousins duology 2021
    • Ivanhoe 2021
    • Katherine Paterson books 2021
    • Key to Extraordinary  2021
    • Mother 2021
    • Much Ado About Nothing 2021
    • Snicker of Magic 2021
    • Tangled Web 2021
    • The Borrowers 2021
    • To Kill a Mockingbird 2021
    • Ashtown Burials 2021
    • Leepike Ridge 2021
    • Annie Henry  2022
    • Little House books 2022
    • Boys of Blur 2022
    • Dianna Wynne Jones Books 2023
    • Mo and Dale Mysteries 2023
    • Witch of Blackbird Pond 2023
    • 100 Cupboards 2023
    • Stratton-Porter Books 2023
    • The Hunger Games 2024
    • MM Kaye 2024
    • Jane of Lantern HIll 2025
    • Magic for Marigold 2025
    • Corfu Trilogy 2025
    • Summer-y sports movies
      • Baseball
        • The Natural
        • Moneyball
        • Angels in the Outfield
        • 42
        • The Sandlot
        • A League of Their Own
        • Field of Dreams
      • Football
        • We are Marshall
        • Remember the Titans
        • Rudy
        • The Blind Side
        • Friday Night Lights
      • Tennis
        • Wimbledon
      • Golf
        • The Greatest Game Ever Played
        • Caddyshack
      • Soccer
      • Bend it Like Beckham
    • Westerns
      • Destry Rides Again (1939)
      • Along Came Jones (1945)
      • Texas Across the River (1966)
      • Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)
      • North to Alaska (1960)
      • Angel and the Badman (1947)
      • Gunfight in Abilene (1967)
      • The Virginian (2000)
      • The Sheepman (1958)
      • Saskatchewan (1954)
      • Hildago
      • Only the Valiant (Peck!!!)
    • Beachy/sea
    • Nautical
      • Gregory Peck Horatio Hornblower
      • The Horation Hornblower TV series
      • Master and Commander
    • 1940 P and P
    • Dirty Dancing 1 and 2
    • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
    • Footloose
    • Indiana Jones (actually summer)
    • Fisherman’s Friends
    • The Dig
    • Aquamarine
    • 500 Days of Summer
    • Little Miss Sunshine
    • Pompeii
    • The Hannah Montana Movie
    • Roman Holiday
    • Say Anything
    • Monte Carlo
    • The Parent Trap
    • Walking on Sunshine
    • Crazy Rich Asians
    • Stand by Me
    • Adventureland?
    • The Notebook
    • A Room with a View
    Summer playlist
    • Here is my current one. Almost 100% Country or Country bands covering pop songs. That is just Summer to me! Well, when I’m in the mood for music. Which is like at most one day out of a given month.
    4th of July Playlist
    • I’ll work on this next year, gather up some of the ones I’ve linked on past Independence Day posts.
    • Farmers Market
    • Picnics
    • Lakes, beaches (except I prefer them cooler?!)
    • Swim with Bjorn
    • Peach and berry picking
    • Shop local
    • Travel my state
    • Drive in movie
    • Gardening, picking, canning, and such
    • Make ice cream and sorbet
    • Tennis lessons
    • Horseback riding lessons
    • Work on my balcony, summer furniture painting or DIY projects
    • Citrus
    • Berries
    • Fresh air
    • Summer florals
    • Garden produce
    • All types of lemonades
    • Iced tea
    • Cordials, punch, and such
    • Sandwiches
    • Barbecues, grilled foods, cookouts, that type of food
    • Tacos, taco soup
    • Colors
    • Bright berry and citrus and floral type colors
    • Bright ocean and beach colors
    • Ice cream!

    This will vary by hardiness zone; use drop down to find Europe, Australia, Canada or US zones. I’m making a list of flowers I’d want to plant for each season for my area with details about the height of flowers and sun and shade. I found a helpful list on a state college’s horticulture site for garden flowers. Also, aren’t some of the common names of flowers absolutely glorious, like Bachelor’s Button. Snapdragon. Michaelmas Daisy.



    • Nautical
    • Beachy
    • Maxi
    • Vintage play suits
    • Palazzo pants
    • Summer-y boho
    • Not so much my style, but animal print, explorer/safari style fits well with summer. Actually, since I’m rereading The Ashtown Burials series by N.D. Wilson, I’m loving all the adventure style clothes, maybe I’ll have to incorporate some into next summer’s wardrobe.


    • Florals, brighter than Spring
    • Polka dots
    • Nautical
    • Stripes
    • Cotton voile
    • Linen

    Nail Polish/Beauty

    • Bright colors
    • Sheer, jelly shimmers in bright colors
    • Self tanner?


    • Nose rings
    • Toe Rings
    • Anklets
    • Beach glass
    • Minimal jewelry
    • Metallic temporary tattooes
    • Fresh flowers!!!!
    • Bowls of fruit
    • Seashells, sea glass
    • Baskets
    • Gauzy curtains
    • Polka dot or checked or striped table cloths
    • Outdoor living mainly
    • Hammocks
    • Gardens
  • Culture and Entertainment

    Dark, Light, Romantic, Etc. Academia: Prepping for Fall, Autumn

    It will be a bit over 1.5 months until the actual Autumnal equinox and start of Autumn and yet another month after that before Autumn temperatures actually arrive where I’m at in the world. But I’ve seen some Dark Academia stuff and have been inspired to plan ahead.


    My Autumn Evernote is already the most filled out or tied with Christmas (should probably work on my other seasons ahead of time too). And now I have more even. I don’t love all the super dark and neutral Autumn colors, I prefer more color, so I’m trying to find softer browns, roses, sages, etc. I’m thinking of media, decor, food, drinks, tastes, smells, fibers, fabrics, styles, etc.!!!! All the senses! Here are some of my inspirations. I’ll probably pull more posts from my Evernote  during Autumn.


    Ruby Granger’s Autumn Summer Day. Not going to do this (don’t want to make myself sick of Autumn before it happens), but great ideas for Fall. Her explanatory video on all things Dark Academia.


    Darling Desi’s video on Dark Academia, mostly media. I can’t wait for what she has for this Fall. I found her channel through another blogger last fall and just loved all her Autumn cozy videos!


    Jack Edward’s Dark Academia.


    Rachel’s Video Thrifting Dark Academia. One of her friends listed several versions of the Academia aesthetic and Romantic Academia is one of them. I also like Fantasy Academia. I’ll never be anything classic because I can’t live without colors, neutrals have to be subsidiary for me.


    1. Art Academia
    2. Classic (Dark) Academia
    3. Fantasy Academia
    4. Light Academia
    5. Romantic Academia
    6. Theatre Academia


    I think I’m only interested in the Academia aspect for Autumn, maybe Spring and Summer are more Fantasy or Romantic Pastoral or Cottage (that “core” just makes me gag for some reason). Winter, just cozy? Or just Fantasy or Romantic?




    *I think Ruby Granger mentioned in a video how Britain doesn’t follow the actual equinoxes for seasons like here in the U.S. So then why don’t we actually call it Autumn? I try but I don’t always remember, also I like alliterations like “Fall Fun” and “Fall Festival.”

  • Daily Life

    Christmas 2018

    Christmas Eve we gathered with extended family, ate appetizers, children opened gifts, ladies drew number for $10 gifts amongst each other, men did the same, and we drew for men’s and lady’s stockings. My brother, sister-in-law, and niece stayed over at our house.

    Christmas morning we had our tradition cinnamon rolls, opened stockings, my parents exchanged gifts, niece received gifts from my parents, and those still at home received gifts from parents. I also accidentally opened my gift from our sibling exchange (oops). We then watched White Christmas.

    We then went to my grandparents, ate more appetizers, gave and received gifts from grandparents, from sibling exchange (we drew names from each via drawnames.com which is awesome, we filled out our gift lists on it, I want to use those for birthdays also), and parents gave gifts to the married siblings. Some people watched Rogue One (very Christmassy), and we played games (including Fishbowl, which we also played on New Year’s Day, and some played on New Year’s Eve, it seems to be trendy).

    From top left clockwise, the $10 ladies gift I gave, most gifts I gave Doctordiva whose name I drew (the fox print fabric is an infinity scarf) minus a flower in a vial necklace and lotion, the gifts wrapped (I gave my mom a set of state made jams and jellies), and the belatedly-finished-still-not-given shrug for my niece (I still also have a sweater dress to finish for her).

    My sister declared once she got out of school that she was going to start Harry Potter. Um, how about wait 5 days until Christmas?! I hid my copy, and told and texted everyone in the family to refuse to let her borrow their copies. It is HIGHLY out of character for me to misplace books also I’m not a good liar (and I didn’t want to lie, so I cut off from saying I didn’t know to saying it wasn’t on my shelf), but she suspected nothing.

    The Saturday after Thanksgiving we helped my grandparents decorate for Christmas, and these are the areas I helped decorate.

    I smashed a bunch of random Christmas photos into this collage. From top left clockwise, the bell wreath hanging from my doorknob (I’m keeping Christmas up until after the twelfth day of Christmas; its the 4th as I’m writing), the first version of my neat bookshelf (I cleared the floor and draped all the messy corners in white or gray), Sugarplum things she’s a decoration, my gingerbread house, my plate of appetizers from Christmas Eve (I LOVE that as a meal, and my grandmother fixed more and fancier appetizers for Christmas but I didn’t get a photo), the second version of my neat bookshelf (I’d smashed my snow globe decorating and later Mom bought another for me), the gorgeous wood Advent calender my mom bought for my brother and sister-in-law, Musicalmiss’s Dr. Suess “gingerbread” house (most of my sisters and I gathered at my brother and sister-in-laws house for a gingerbread day), and center is my hope chest nativity scene (I had three neat areas to decorate, the other is in the top collage).

    Clockwise from top left. Awesome leftie sewing Gingher scissors with a case from my mom (I bought some sewing scissors but they weren’t nice like my mom’s so I always borrowed/kept hers), my stocking stuffers, more tea from Mom, athletic sweatshirts and cozy socks from Mom, blouse and gloves from Mom, and all the lovely movies Musicalmiss got me (she had my name).

    Clockwise from top left. Some goodies I picked out some bags of goodies from family friends. Necklace and earrings from my grandmother. The $10 ladies gift I received on Christmas Eve (well, I drew for myself and my sick sister, and I picked this one because I knew what is was as another sister gave it, lol), and my gifts from my grandmother. That is an antique knitting basket/bag. That jar is a ton of lotion, I might be getting a slight hint as to the slight problem of the state of my hands, maybe.


    Our Christmas decor.

    More of our Christmas decor. I missed getting our main tree with all the gifts downstairs.

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    Fall Fun List Success

    • An autumn festival (already scheduled, just need to ask off) with my grandparents
    • Join in on our family Ladies Shopping Day; I have only been able to join on show-and-tell the last few times. We’ve tried to have 1-2 shopping days with the ladies in Mom’s extended family where we shop at antique stores and consignment shops with a break for lunch and an end of day after snack and show-and-tell showcasing our finds at the end. So much fun.
    • Spend lots of time with my niece and take lots of good photos. Since I’ve gotten a new phone, I’ve gotten some photos and videos, mostly videos. It’s more fun just to talk to her and watch her though.
    • Maybe a autumn hiking trip. No.
    • Buy all my planning stuff for next year. I bought some, not the fun stuff though and that after fall
    • Read tons moreParticipate in Classics Club dare and read 5 more from list. I did read a ton more, just not much from the Classics Club although I did start War and Peace.
    • Work on blog development a bit (Genesis, IP, spam, disclosure). No.
    • Make serious dent in my sewing stash. I haven’t sewn at all.
      • Finish second smocked baby dress ASAP
      • Two more business skirts
      • Fall dresses and skirts
      • Baby dresses for summer (as Christmas gifts)
      • Tons of baby bows and such
    • Make a serious dent in my knitting stash. No, but I’ve done a little at using up some odd balls and leftovers by making one bonnet for my niece as well as two more in different sizes and starting a fourth plus a bit for Christmas.
      • Knit at least one sweater and sweater dress for me
      • Baby sweaters, rompers, sweater dresses. I finished my niece’s shrug and just started her sweater dress, after Christmas
      • Socks for me
      • Baby socks
    • Dress up as Audrey Hepburn from How to Steal a Million for Halloween. Maybe next year.
    • Start working on regency outfit. No, I could have at least make some mock-ups, I have plenty of scraps/muslin for some of that, but I lacked the motivation.
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    Fall Fun List and To-Do’s

    I always love seasonal “bucket” lists, and enjoy reading Hamlette’s to-dos. I’m an inveterate list making . . . and list-ignorer. I’ll probably put up a final quarter to-do list once I’ve formulated it. It will be MUCH simpler than the ones I previously made myself.

    Fall Fun/Hobby To-Do List

    • An autumn festival (already scheduled, just need to ask off) with my grandparents
    • Join in on our family Ladies Shopping Day; I have only been able to join on show-and-tell the last few times. We’ve tried to have 1-2 shopping days with the ladies in Mom’s extended family where we shop at antique stores and consignment shops with a break for lunch and an end of day after snack and show-and-tell showcasing our finds at the end. So much fun.
    • Spend lots of time with my niece and take lots of good photos
    • Maybe a autumn hiking trip
    • Buy all my planning stuff for next year
    • Read tons more: Participate in Classics Club dare and read 5 more from list
    • Work on blog development a bit (Genesis, IP, spam, disclosure)
    • Make serious dent in my sewing stash
      • Finish second smocked baby dress ASAP
      • Two more business skirts
      • Fall dresses and skirts
      • Baby dresses for summer (as Christmas gifts)
      • Tons of baby bows and such
    • Make a serious den in my knitting stash
      • Knit at least one sweater and sweater dress for me
      • Baby sweaters, rompers, sweater dresses
      • Socks for me
      • Baby socks
    • Dress up as Audrey Hepburn from How to Steal a Million for Halloween
    • Start working on regency outfit
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    Spring Bucket List

    ~Get/make a cute baby gift for my brother and sister-in-law’s gender reveal party

    ~Take several hiking and day trips

    ~Make this macaroni and cheese

    ~Go outside more

    ~Go fruit and berry picking

    ~Make some Spring treats


    ~Re-read the Penderwicks in time for the new book

    ~Make an Easter dress

    ~Splurge on (and use) watercolor and calligraphy supplies

  • Daily Life

    Winter Fun List


    ~Make this recipe for mac ‘n’ cheese

    ~Homemade hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows

    ~Go ice skating

    ~Game days


    ~Make a snowflake garland

    ~Make a snow globe on a pedestal

    ~Get a Chick-fil-a peppermint milkshake

    ~Watch the Winter Olympics (I’d totally forgot that was this year)

    ~Make and collect snowmen decorations

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    Christmas Celebrations and Gifts

    Christmas Eve’s Eve
    My brother and sister-in-law asked us to let us do Christmas with them early, so they could be with her family on Christmas. We had a huge dinner and exchanged some of our gifts. Mom and Dad and my grandparents gave them their gifts, and we did our sibling gift exchange. My brother drew me (but as is often the case with married couples, lol), his wife picked out the gifts from my list.


    Christmas Eve
    We have an extended family gathering and potluck with my mom’s family. We have a family wide gift exchange for which we draw names on Thanksgiving (I got my grandfather and gave him seeds for his garden), a $1 stocking drawing (you contribute a $1 gift for the stocking of your sex and your name is entered in the drawing for the full stocking of goodies), and a $5 gift exchange (you contribute a $5 gift for your sex, the gifts are numbered, and then we draw numbers) plus the adults buy gifts for all the kids (which used to take forever, but thankfully there are not that many kids plus several weren’t there).

    I drew Musicalmiss’s $5 gift; she hand-painted glass Christmas ornaments. Then Travelgirl had drawn me for the main drawing, and she got me two of the Barnes and Noble Leather bound classics from my list (!!!!!!). We had a packed Christmas season plus sick people, so only two of those at home and one married couple made it to this gathering; everyone else either didn’t enter the drawings or received their gifts after we came home. We didn’t have meringue trees, truffles, or peppermint fudge, but I did get some cake pops!

    Christmas Day
    My grandparents didn’t come this year. We had our family stockings and gift exchange and ate our cinnamon rolls (Dad tried Once Upon a Chef’s recipe; I wanted him to only try the dough, but he tried filling and icing as well; I definitely prefer the old Miserly Moms version on those two things).

    All of us girls had Hallmark movies in our stockings. Musicalmiss got The Best Christmas Party Ever, Flowerchild got The Nine Lives of Christmas, and Doctordiva got The Lost Valentine (I think; it is not Christmas and isn’t one I’ve seen).


    We then headed to my grandparents where Travelgirl and her husband joined us for lunch and gift exchanging. My grandmother got me the madeleine pan off my list.


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    Beginning Christmas

    Time for Christmas posts.

    A Literary Christmas Wrap Up
    ~Annika’s Secret Wish by Beverly Lewis
    ~Letters from Father Christmas by J. R. Tolkein
    ~A Merry Christmas, and Other Christmas Stories by Louisa May Alcott
    ~Stories Behind the Best-loved Songs of Christmas by Ace Collins
    ~Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: a Family Celebration of Christmas by Ann Voskamp

    Yeah, I finished all of two books. I switched to my Alcott collection which had far more stories, but I only got through the first few. I only finished one story in the Christmas carols book. I opted not to read the Voskamp book. The books I finished are kids books, but they are darling, and illustrated books are part of Christmas growing up. I should have pulled out some of the ones I grew up on. I wish I had a total list of the ones I grew up with because I am not sure we saved them all.

    A Christmas Bucket List


    I didn’t complete these all, and I fudged on a few (this year I was making gifts [I didn’t finish them all; I still have those plus really late birthday gifts to sew] plus we had an extra Christmas celebration because of conflicting in-law events plus we left for vacation the third day after Christmas).

    I completed
    ~Listen to New Christmas Music (my Bing Crosby C.D.; I had meant new to me groups or songs)
    ~Mail a Christmas Card or Two
    ~Create a Christmas notebook (this is still and was meant to be a work in progess; I need to add helps to prepare for next year)
    ~Watch a Christmas Classic (White Christmas; I had meant a new to me movie)
    ~Bake Bread from My German Baking Book (A Christmas Star; my pan wasn’t big enough because I used all the dough, so mine looks like a starfish)
    ~Bake Cookies from My German Baking Book (lebkuchen which is German gingerbread and has honey instead of molasses, white instead of brown sugar, and a tad more spice and more types of spices; see color difference below)
    ~Read a Christmas Poem
    ~A Photoshoot of Luna in a stocking (I tried; I was trying to keep her still, the photo focused, and yeah . . .)
    ~Christmas clean room and pack (well, it is neat, but I didn’t have time to vacuum before we left because I was sewing the morning of for the trip)
    ~Build a Gingerbread House (a graham cracker house at a friends; I made gingerbread dough for a house, and I amended my plans to build it there and then further amended the plan by making the dough into cookies. I had great fun though because I thought my castle was fun and easy and satisfying. The hostess had bowls of thick royal icing to spread on. Works MUCH better than tubes)
    ~Decorate for Christmas (I mainly decorated the neat section of my room; one half bookcase plus I hung a little bell wreath on my door)
    ~Buy or Make a Christmas Outfit (I really meant Christmas Eve; I wore a new gorgeous teal dress I bought from Thred-Up; one day I’ll have that dream dress made)
    ~Make a Christmas Craft (I’m going to count the calligraphy and stamped place names I made for my grandmother’s Christmas party)
    ~Participate in a Christmas blog event (I sort of participated in the Literary Christmas event)

    Touches of Christmas






    Best of Hallmark

    I’m still of the opinion that lately Hallmark has put more effort into their year round movies, but I did enjoy a few this year. The last two are my favorites; the very last is classic favorite quality, I think.
    Christmas Getaway
    The Christmas Cottage
    A Gift to Remember
    With Love, Christmas
    Christmas Next Door

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    Christmas and Winter Questionnaire Day Six: Winter

    I borrowed questions and ideas from: herehere, and here.

    ~Winter Dislikes
    When I’m too cold, having to drive in the dark, scary icy roads, ugly “green” Christmas type landscape.

    ~Winter Likes
    The changing seasons, Christmas, Coziness, Fleece onsies, Movie nights, Winter foods.

    ~Do you like playing in the snow or enjoying it from the window?
    Usually, enjoying it from the window, I should try sledding once in awhile.

    ~Any books you prefer to read in Winter?
    I can’t think of any, but I should make some selections.

    ~When do you start getting excited about spring?
    I’m usually ready for it when it is officially spring.

    ~Winter Dislikes
    ~Winter Likes
    ~Do you like playing in the snow or enjoying it from the window?
    ~Any books you prefer to read in Winter?
    ~When do you start getting excited about spring?
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    Christmas and Winter Questionnaire Day Five: Celebrations

    I borrowed questions and ideas from: herehere, and here.

    Christmas Eve
    ~Do you have a celebration?
    Yes, we go over to my mom’s extended family for supper and gift exchanges.

    ~Do you open gifts?
    Yes. We draw a name at Thanksgiving. We also have a $1 gift for the stocking of our sex, and a $5 gift for the gift exchange of our sex. The kids get gifts from everyone.

    Christmas Day
    ~Have you ever had a White Christmas?
    Yes, but not recently. We used to get more snow in December, but recently it has snowed a bit before Christmas and then tons in January and February.

    ~Christmas pajamas?
    No, but Mom bought us fluffy onesies one Christmas recently, and we all wore them to Christmas lunch and supper at my grandmother’s.

    ~What are your Christmas morning traditions?
    Dad makes home-made cinnamon rolls, and we dig into our stockings and open our gifts from our parents. For the last few years, we wait for my grandparents to come because my grandmother wanted to watch us open gifts, and she also gives gifts to her “grand-animals.”

    ~Do you travel for Christmas?
    No, our family is local.

    ~Do you stay home or visit on Christmas Day?
    We start at home and then move to my grandparents’ house (which is less than half an hour away) for lunch and supper.

    New Year’s Eve
    We usually have an open house for my parents’ church. Originally it was on New Year’s Eve until someone encountered a car driving the wrong way on the interstate then we changed it to New Year’s Day. The program involves smoked pork, home-made doughnuts, a ping-pong tournament, board games, too many people, noise, and it is not a good tradition. It needs serious modification. But we are going to be gone this year, so we don’t have to have it.

    Haha. I like drawing them up anyway, and making grand plans.


    If you want to join in:

    Christmas Eve
    ~Do you have a celebration?
    ~Do you open gifts?
    Christmas Day
    ~Have a White Christmas?
    ~Christmas pajamas?
    ~Christmas morning
    New Year’s Eve