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    Textured Tonal Triangle Scarf Free Pattern

    Another from the archives.

    Here is the pattern from this blog post (I think if I kept that photo, it is probably un-rescue-able on my old computer). Of the few knitting things I’ve altered or come up with, this is the simplest. I really wish I’d written out in an understandable way the striped baby dresses (I did have handwritten notes but not sure what I did with them) and the toddler shrug, I mean I’m sure I could do them again, but it would have been more efficient to come up with the pattern then.

    I have worn this scarf, and I think I used sport weight, so with the light weight and the pattern, the sides roll into each other. I’d recommend a heavier weight and probably a few stitches of garter on each side. This was four years ago, and I still haven’t added buttons to wear it as a infinity scarf, although I may have some I could use. Maybe if I remember to get around to that I could update with a photo.

    I used the stitch found here, but I always find it easier just to have some simple instructions if only for how many stitches. and so, I wrote out more specifically what I did in case anyone else wanted to know.
    I used Rowan Finest which is sport -weight and size 4 needles. I cast on 45 stitches.
    Knitted in a multiple of 14 sts, +3 and 28-row repeat.
    Row 1: (right side) K8, p1, * k13, p1; repeat from * to the last 7 sts, k8.
    Row 2 and all even number rows: slip one stitch purlwise, purl to end.
    Row 3: slip one knitwise, k6, p3, * k11, p3; repeat from * to the last 6 sts, k6, ktbl.
    Row 5: slip one knitwise, k5, p5, * k9, p5; repeat from * to the last 5 sts, k5, ktbl.
    Row 7: slip one knitwise, k4, p7, * k7, p7; repeat from * to the last 4 sts, k4, ktbl.
    Row 9: slip one knitwise, k3, p9, * k5, p9; repeat from * to the last 3 sts, k3 ktbl.
    Row 11: slip one knitwise, k2, p11, * k3, p11; repeat from * to the last 2 sts, k2, ktbl.
    Row 13: slip one knitwise, k1, * p13, k1; repeat from * to the end but one, ktbl.
    Row 15: slip one knitwise, p1, * k13, p1; repeat from * to the end but one, ktbl.
    Row 17: slip one knitwise, p2, k11, * p3, k11; repeat from * to the last 2 sts, p2, ktbl.
    Row 19: slip one knitwise, p3, k9, * p5, k9; repeat from * to the last 3 sts, p3, ktbl.
    Row 21: slip one knitwise, p4, k7, * p7, k7; repeat from * to the last 4 sts, p4, ktbl.
    Row 23: slip one knitwise, p5, k5, * p9, k5; repeat from * to the last 5 sts, p5, ktbl.
    Row 25: slip one knitwise, p6, k3, * p11, k3; repeat from * to the last 6 sts, p6, ktbl.
    Row 27: slip one knitwise, p7, k1, * p13, k1; repeat from * to the last 7 sts, p7, ktbl.
    Row 28: Slip one purlwise, purl to end.
    Repeat until as long as desired. If you want to make into the scarf in an interchangeable cowl and regular scarf add buttonholes as instructed below.
    On row 8 or 22: slip one purl-wise, p2, p2tog, yo, p7, p2tog, yo; repeat between stars until 4 stitches remaining: purl 3, ktbl.
    If next row is 9, finish to 13; if next row is 23, finish to 27. Bind off in purl. Block and attach buttons to the other end.

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    What I’ve Knit Recently

    An Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief made with copper colored Knit Picks Diadem for a friend with an autumn birthday.

    Matching baby and toddler knit dresses for the same friend’s little girls. I used a cardigan pattern as a loose guide, but I also was figuring things out as I went along (hence why the sleeves aren’t as striped; I didn’t want to have to end in the middle of a stripe or not on the third stripe; I should have calculated the stripe size based on the sleeve lengths). Eventually I want to do these patterns again and work out the issues and then I’ll post here and on Ravelry.

    I knit this seed stitch scarf (I knit it long enough to be an infinity scarf and added buttonholes) ages ago and had it blocked and ready for when I could purchase the perfect buttons. I finally ordered these darling flowers (when you order, pick the “with hook” option and then make a note to seller that you would like the hooks on the bottom like shank buttons).

    Baby blanket #1 (there will be at least 4 this year for 4 family babies!!!). I just made this pattern up; one square basket weave, one square garter, one square moss, and one square seed stitch. I already had this started and had my fingers crossed one of my cousins would have a boy, and sure enough.

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    Crazy Knitting Lady

    I knitted many things over the last fivish months. It makes me feel so accomplished to cram them all into one post . . . so it looks like I have been more industrious than I actually have (I actually am now working on becoming fairly industrious in knitting; this post marks some of the beginning to this strange phenomenon). Ahem.
    I knitted my grandmother three scarves for Christmas . . . that was not my initial intention, but anyway.
    Here are two:

    I call this the lazy, untalented, un-crafty person’s knitting. I made these from packages of lace with pre-formed holes through which I knitted (I think you can also crochet them as with the similar mesh yarn). They each took no more than two hours. I also made an even simpler scarf by finger braiding a chain of mesh yarn which formed a long loop to be looped into an infinity scarf. I prefer this look to the feather boa one . . . if you must cheat and if you must wear this style 😛 (I am terribly afraid that the person for whom I made that scarf did not even see that it was a scarf and even if she did, she did not like it; oh well, the rest of the gift should have been okay . . . and that rest still fulfilled the $15+ requirement for the gift; but grrr, I still feel bad, hence this confession/explanation).

    I copied from sight this pattern for my mom from ravelry since I thought it was stupid to pay $4 for a simple design. It isn’t exact to a perfectionist but the same effect. This is the one for my grandmother.

    My Ravenclaw scarf. Ravelry had plenty of free “patterns” (more like tutorials because they are so simple). I wimped out and bought cheap yarn. I am normally a fiber snob . . . and should remain so because apparently I do not know how to buy decent cheap items. This stuff (Paton Metallic) is AWFUL. Wispy chains filled with black fluff. Fluff, not yarn. I am OCD and frequently felt compelled to pull out said fluff. Lots of it.

    For example:

    Ravenclaw all the way peoples. I am happy to report that I got Ravenclaw in a couple tests (or at least one :/) when I had only seen the fourth movie and that is all I knew of HP . . . Slytherin came next and then Gryffindor and then Hufflepuff. I also got Ravenclaw for Pottermore. Yes, it is official. Also, I love how a version of spell-check has the House names in it; I missed an “f” in Hufflepuff and right-clicked to see if Hufflepuff showed up; it did. Awesome.

    The white beret (Cascade Beret on ravelry, free) I finished in the fall. The first of the berets promised much earlier last year for my sisters when they saw my pink one. I guessed the wrong yarn weight so had to find different patterns. Great big sister. I prefer larger sized berets . . . in theory the size of mine which I wore all of once. Whatevs. The second beret I finished several weeks ago; I like this one (Ume Hat and Gloves on ravelry, free) better in both the pattern and the shape of the hat (the first one didn’t decrease as nicely). I have most of one matching fingerless glove done also.

    This shrug (this pattern) I finished a few weeks ago. It is a magnificently late Christmas gift; but there is worse, I have more Christmas gifts left to knit!

    I have several projects in the works (including that eternal pink sweater) and several in contemplation. I love being able to knit, and I love scrumptious yarn.