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    Fun for This Week

    I’m still working but between mandated off days that don’t follow any sort of pattern and everything going on or rather not going on, the days and weeks are blurring together. I have to keep checking to see if it’s a new week from the last time I posted one of these, lol.

    Pocket Princesses (on zoom). I totally forgot about Pocket Princesses, but for some reason they popped up in a search or somewhere shared them or something. So now I follow them on Instagram (or maybe refollow?). They are both cute and hilarious.

    Crow’s Eye Productions Walk with Me videos. The team behind Crow’s Eye production has a model in different period dresses in gorgeous nature videos with music and quotations (regency one is from Emma).

    This youtube channel. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before. The “You know you’re dating a person from insert country, when” videos as well as the cultural stereotype videos are hilarious. They have a lot of countries I don’t know much about or don’t see many videos about.

    Basic Bro’s During Safe at Home.  The gym withdrawal, lol.

    Day 1 vs Day 50 Staying at Home. “It’s stuck to me at this point, so.”

    16 Personalities as Youtubers

    16 Personalities Reacting to 16 Personality videos. ISTJ “Myers-Briggs is pseudoscience.” Yeah, that is me this one.

    I also decided to rewatch A Very Potter Musical  . . . because I’m classy. Oh, my stars, it’s hilarious. Someone else commented (I think I thought this before or someone mentioned it before), but um, this Ron is FAR better than the movie Ron. Actually, he’s better than book Ron (oh, sacrilege). Oh, my word, that chocolate bar scene! Ron’s emotional eating is something else. Another blogger mentioned something that triggered the memory train of naive homeschooler moments . . . yah, I learned some things from this musical. I

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    What I Want to Do Once the Safe at Home Period is Over

    I mentioned this was supposed to be my year of not living at home all the time. So yeah, that worked out SO well.

    I was listening to a podcast and people were talking about what they wanted to do when this is all over. It looks like we’ll open up a bit, but I’m guessing we’ll have to shut down in the fall. And even if we don’t, I don’t think interstate travel much less international travel, is a good a idea (actually to me those are the LAST things to reopen, we can manage our less densely populated state if everyone stays in their own state) until we get a widely available vaccine. End mini-rant.

    So for the slight opening:

    • The library!!!!!!!!!!! And I’ll be making sure I’m super stocked up! Although I’m afraid they might change the limit or something.
    • Haircut and perm (sounds crazy, I remember my grandmother and great-aunts giving my great-grandmother perms in the kitchen, but they are doing modern ones now) and manicures and pedicures.
    • Maybe I’ll get to see the local broadway show, it’s been rescheduled for summer, but I just can’t see it happening.
      Attend JA fest online.
    • Do my local art festival. It’s been pushed back almost two months and moved to a larger venue, but again, I just don’t know. This will be safer than the broadway show though.
      Maybe state parks.

    What I want after we have a widely-available vaccine:

    • Art and handicrafts classes
    • Exercise/sports classes
    • Art festivals
    • Local broadway shows and other cultural events
    • National Parks. Ireland. Blue Ridge road trip. Florida. PEI. The west. All the trips

    What does everyone want to do? Do you have one thing in particular (it’s the library and my local art fair that are my main things I think).

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    How Not to Go Crazy (I Hope) (Updated)

    Call 211 and look at the website. I learned about 211 at work, it’s an organization that connects people in need (whether of food, money to pay bills, or to find a school for your special child, and newly, covid-19 help). I’m sure more people are in need of this than ever. It’s national but works with state and local agencies to connect you with services you may not have been aware of.

    I’m in an open office with people who talk and get too much info/misinfo. This is crazymaking. I’ve noticed a couple of internet people doing crazymaking stuff to so I’ve unfollowed them.

    I don’t want to focus on the virus here, but I want to state some principles I think should be followed/am trying to be followed/I expect from anyone I have interaction with. And then back to positive programming.

    Your sources for Covid-19 (say it correctly, coronavirus is a group of viruses) are the CDC and the WHO. Dr. Mike is one doctor, and he points people to these sources, he is helpful for understanding, but the CDC and the WHO are THE resources. They have the states, recommendations, FAQ’s, question forms, etc. If you see questionable studies or actions people are doing (such as fabric masks and claims about packages), email CDC, the more people who ask, the more likely that will be added to their FAQ’s.

    Any rando who thinks they have special insight from God, themselves as gods, their anecdotal experience, their favorite news sources, a random doctor, a single study, etc. is NOT an authority on anything but stirring up ignorance, fear, conspiracy, and panic. Half-truths, truths mixed in with falsehood are the most confusing and concerning. And we don’t need more sermons, monologues, etc. mind your own p’s and q’s!!!

    Your sources for state-wide rules, updates, etc. is your governor and state and local (some locales have extra rules) government. Your governor may be doing press releases, and your state government may have a website. I suggest that if you are curious about other states, you start from these sources for them.

    Your source for country-wide (such as border closures, travel bans, etc.) rules is the federal government.

    Very carefully fact check any news story you may see against these sources (maybe bookmark them, keeping tabs open would only encourage obsessive checking). I’d suggest only searching for specific items, not following the news. Please realize that stand-alone studies and trials aren’t definitive.

    Set times/days to check/update yourself. Obsessive checking will not only drive you crazy, it doesn’t help anyone else.

    Block or unfollow as best as possible anyone who doesn’t follow these very basic principles. If you are at work with these people (like me), try and see if you can find noise-cancelling headphones if that doesn’t interfere with your job. Walk away if you can. Follow the rules even if they are possibly based on misinformation, better safe than sorry. Try to make following said rules easier (like being more organized, making signs, and reminders). Perhaps if the talk is so bad, see if you can move your desk or ask your boss to say something or speak to people yourself. Keep your eyes open for better opportunities.

    Play games, watch movies, etc. with family, Facetime/Google duo your grandparents and others you can’t visit.

    Try to find/curate and encouraging online community. I’ve been really happy with all the positive things going around (with a few exceptions) among the Instagrammers I’ve follow, they’ve shared things to do, made group online activities, etc. That and enjoying time with family has reset me from work.

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    Reframing Safe at Home or Sheltering in Place and My Current Plans

    I’ve already been very isolated, seeing just my family and coworkers, mostly shopping online, and this was supposed to be the year of change for that. Well, that is obviously not working out well. In addition, while I had started my plans out strong, I never actually finished the plans or implemented much and was in quite a slump. So, I decided that I’m going to act as if the sheltering in place is as unfamiliar for me as for everyone as a means of resetting myself (since I’ve been in quite a slump).


    • Read the books I’ve borrowed from family and perhaps more in our family collection.
    • Read those that I like of the 23 library books that I have, I’m SO glad I tend to get tons of library books. I’ve heard some libraries have curbside pickup option, and I’ve asked the city system I use, but the way things are I doubt we’ll get that, it seems risky. So:
    • I’m SO glad I have tons of rereads in my own collection, and I may read more that I have “due” this year.
    • Actually work through the self-development/personal help books that I’ve bought as work books.

    Handicrafts and Room Revamp

    • Make curtains, paint/stain/refinish some furniture, and finish setting up my room.
    • Sew an apron (I recently rehauled all my stuff and came up with some fabric I realized I could use to make an really adorable apron) and headband (we’ve been watching Hometown on HGTV and love Erin’s headbands and style).
    • Start really stashbusting my yarn. I’ve been take clips of all my shawl patterns and organizing these by shawl type in Evernote, so I don’t have to open up every single pdf to see what the pattern is. SO helpful.
    • Work on my darling embroidery project, I’ve held onto those old magazines for years (they have to be 70’s or maybe 80’s, Ill have to check).


    • Finish/edit/reframe all my 2020 plans and actually start working on habits.
    • Try and keep and improve on my routine and not fall further into a slump.
    • My blog domain is set to renew, and I’ve been meaning for years to put additional work into my blog, so I think now is a great time for that.
    • I have like 80+ drafts, yikes! So I want to cull these, finish, and schedule those that I want to publish.
    • I’ve got several new glorious 1000 piece Disney puzzles to work on as seen on my Instagram.
    • Participate in the positive Instagram environment I’ve found (basically lots of my favorite bloggers who are sharing happy things).
    • Job search, I currently have a job, but I’m mentally under-utilized plus it’s got very archaic skills. I was wanting to go ahead and search, for potential new opportunities and weekend jobs, but I hadn’t tried very hard when this happened. Now, I’m trying to prepare for if I need to find a job.