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    Chicago Pizza

    We went to visit friends near Chicago a couple months ago. So we couldn’t go to a downtown place, but we still did manage two pizza places in one day, the first for thin crust and the second for deep dish.

    We ate at Aurelio’s first, and we ordered one big (18″) pizza and a couple people got a few other items. I got pasta and a salad and had a tiny bit of pizza. But between 8 women and teenage girls the pizza disappeared (with some encouragement and challenging). Also, if you go, you need to ask for brick oven crust to have the best crust made on the old ovens.

    For supper we ate at Beggar’s, a restaurant in an old theater. I had enough brains to get a iphone photo of the pizza but not enough to get one of the venue :(. And here we had deep dish. Now, I am not a pizza person in large part because I am not a tomato person, so I was not expecting to love a pizza famous for tons of sauce. I didn’t, but I loved the crust from this place. It might have sauce in it (oh, contradictory person) as it was peachy colored, but in any case it was delicious.

    After pizza we wound up with ice cream from an old-fashioned ice cream shop called Gayety’s. Perfect.

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    I had some coupons for a local tea parlor, so I took my grandmother for her birthday. The parlor is connected to an adorable shop and my grandmother bought me some tea items plus some cookie cutters to use for a wedding shower (we, church+family, have lots of gender reveal parties (I am not super crazy about this; our culture is too into selfish parties and more and more showers and gifts, but for our cousins I am excited) baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, and births starting from late September to January/February).
    We had a sweet scone and a savory scone, zucchini muffins, corn souffle, turkey sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, benedictine sandwich, mini shish kebab of sorts, and a variety of cookies and cupcakes.

    I just love polka dots.

    I have the job of using these and making adorable cookies for one of the wedding showers.