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    Happy Independence Day!!!

    Happy 4th y’all!!!

    From my Instagram. I didn’t have enough books of the right colors to do a flag like I saw a lot of people doing on Instagram.

    I could hear fireworks on the 3rd, I’m not sure I can see any from my apartment. We spent the afternoon with extended family, but came back well before dark. I’m going to see some immediate family tomorrow. I’m really tired from staying up too late trying to finish a baby blanket for family. I ended up not liking it. Last year I was doing school. It’s hard to top 2019’s fireworks on the beach, but tomorrow I also think I want to find a good 4th of July sort of movie to watch.

    My Country Tis of Thee by US Army Field Band

    (I’m almost positive we sang hymns to this tune in church, I’m not crazy right? Also is it God Bless America that has the same tune as God Save the Queen? I remember Molly and Emily arguing about this in Happy Birthday Molly.)

    Battle Hymn of the Republic by the same.

    Also enjoy Dudes on 4th of July (edit, I’m ancient and can’t do tech, I didn’t realize there was a Youtube channel) here is the full video.

    And finally, this hilarious post.