• Handicrafts

    My Quilt

    I started a sloppy patchwork quilt as a child and finished it sloppily as a teenager. The patches came apart, and I sewed it into a bag; I think I still have it, and if I do I might redo the entire quilt.

    My second quilt I started at seventeen or younger. I finally finished off the binding this year. Everything is hand-stitched. I will not do that again as I have my preferred handcrafts, and no one has enough time to pursue absolutely every handcraft.

    My room is not properly decorated, and I needed a new bed-cover, so I have the quilt on my bed for now.

    Isn’t the binding cute? I bought blue binding originally (I have a blue border that you cannot see in this photo), and then used some of it and could not match it. Then I realized such packaged binding isn’t 100% cotton anyway. I decided to make some but could not find a good match until I went to a local quilt shop. I was under the impression that I needed bias binding, and I am so glad I asked about amount of fabric I needed because I was informed that for a rectangular quilt regular binding with strips sewn diagonally is the appropriate choice. This information saved me money, time, and frustration.