• Daily Life

    Autumn Plans

    I decided to do a seasonal for Autumn to do list rather than monthly.

    Minimalism and Self-Control

    • Keep purchases careful
    • Work on using up /pitching expired beauty products
    • Make sure one in one out for Ladies’ Day¬† shopping trip, cull anything I’m not wearing or using or worn or dirty
    • Knit 4 baby blankets (only need to buy pink) by Ladies’ Day
    • Start some stash busting blankets for different sized yarns
    • Knit some shawls from the yarn I have for that purpose
    • Sell computer & phone
    • Access old photos & files & dispose of dinosaur computer & ATT old box and any other tech clutter
    • Sell the rest of FB marketplace (jewelry armoire), Clothes Mentor (purse and wallet), & Ebay stuff (I actually already sold something this month that I was afraid was going to be tedious to sell, yes!!)
    • Dye and sew my fabric for Fall and Winter to use up


    • Continue to purchase more consciously, including fall wardrobe
    • Have my debt to a certain number or less & my net worth to a certain number
    • Have money saved for Christmas, Black Friday, and Ladies’ Day, so I’m not pinched
    • See if I can do state taxes so late

    Learning and Career

    • Work through several Web dev and graphic design books
    • See if I can finish both Treehouse program & Code Academy
    • Have a more secure job situation
    • Private goal
    • Start volunteering at historical society


    • Get Bjorn potty trained & better obedience trained
    • If possible get more household items for cleaning and organization and set up my place better
    • If possible recover my couch

    Health and Beauty

    • Build better stretch exercise habits and buy the weights and foam blocks and such I want
    • Take ice skating lessons or at least buy ice skates and sign up for the winter
    • Lose 20lbs
    • Have a better recipe rotation
    • Better sleep habits
    • Stock up on sunscreen, have a more streamlined skincare routine in place
    • Laser & facials


    • Try to enjoy the season better and do some bucket list/fun list activities
    • Maybe do a few things to step outside my comfort zone
    • Read 30-40 more books
    • Participate in North and South readalong discussion
    • Work on my blog design
    • Have better habits, rise, study, screen time
    • Clear out emails, documents, photos, and Evernotes
    • Therapy?