• Daily Life

    2nd Quarter Goals

    Overall goal: Shake It Back Up! I’m slipping back into monotony and laziness and losing my drive, memory, and optimism. I marked some items with an “!” to help myself in this area. Obviously, this is edited a bit for privacy.

    Wellness and Habits

    • Lose 15 lbs, gain muscle, tone, and flexibility
    • Return to morning, lunch, and evening routine and identify sticking points to correct
    • Weekly reset (Saturday?), life admin, and monthly planning days
    • Set digital limits, have better options, use site blockers
    • Work on daily and weekly habits and aim for no school on weekend
    • Amp up meal prep, especially breakfast
    • Go outside more (work on strawberries for one thing) !

    Finances and Career

    • Figure out side gigs plus learn skills for more specialized gigs !
    • Pay off CC and personal loan
    • Live off last month’s income
    • Fund emergency fund to certain point, start fun savings and car savings
    • Plan career and internships
    • Make min amount per month
    • Purchase textbooks and set up school plan
    • Spanish, graphic design, future plans, re-evaluate habits

    Personal Development

    • Read 25 new-to-me books including several Classics Club and 12+ nonfiction books
    • Regency prep (outfit, tickets) and vacation prep
    • 6 major sewing projects and finish some partially complete ones
    • Work on room redesign
    • Weekly adventures !
    • Mother’s Day gift !
    • Reading journal, more in depth posts, etc. !
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    1st Quarter Goals Revisited

    I think that I will just focus on what I DID accomplish.

    • Made much more than I did this time last year
    • Read 40 books (!!!!), 8 of these are nonfiction and 2 re-reads
    • Worked a side gig
    • Got a temp job (one that I don’t want to quit every single day)
    • Have an A (cumulative) in my three CIT classes thus far
    • Signed up for two summer classes
    • Finished two knitting projects
    • Started workable planning and habit systems for me
    • Have generally been more optimistic
  • Daily Life

    2019 1st Quarter Goals

    Main Goal/Focus: Habits, Systems, and Security

    Health and Systems

    • Lose 15 lbs, try to gain some muscle tone and flexibility
    • Work on basic daily habits (especially health ones)
    • Set up morning and evening routine
    • Start weekly reset, monthly planning, and life admin days
    • Figure out digital limits and system
    • Meal planning and prepping habits, healthier snacks

    Financial and Career

    • Get at least one temp job and one side gig
    • Pay off debt
    • Maintain school payments, get a bit ahead (same on phone); try and get two (later start) classes
    • Personal goal
    • Get to living off last month’s income
    • Start and fund emergency account to certain amount

    Personal Development

    • Read 25 new-to-me books, including several from Classics Club list and 12 nonfiction titles
    • Participate in blog parties (doubtful)
    • 6 major sewing projects (including Easter yellow and blue dress and one Regency piece) and finish some already started projects
    • 6 major knitting projects, finish started projects and some small projects


    • Buy water jug and glass meal containers
    • Get some items of certain list
    • Buy (and borrow those I’m undecided on) the self-help books for the year
    • Buy some organization, cleaning, laundry, etc. items (maybe furniture)
    • Buy coverstitch machine and beauty tools on payment plan
    • Buy planner punch, brush pens/left-handed calligraphy markers, clear sticker paper, and washi tape


  • Daily Life

    2nd Quarter Goals


    • Purchase TEFL training and work on other goals


    • Obtain TEFL certification and work on other goals


    • Work on diet, Habits Chart, and other goals

    Personal Development

    • Get to 75% on Duolingo and work on a plan for further study
    • Work on soft skills training
    • Study accounting and math
    • Make a dent in my Craftsy and Creative Bug classes


    • Explore my state
    • Take some outings with my grandparents
    • Plan some longer trips
    • Learn more about/try if possible travel hacking


    • Spend quality time with family, especially without Internet
    • Finish gifts, give gifts on time, and plan for Christmas


    • Work on organizing and streamlining paperwork and files
    • Stash bust craft supplies/use up some toiletry items/participate in minimalist challenges to organize
    • Work on room design and wardrobe


    • Make a dent in related Craftsy and Creative Bug classes
    • Work on knitting and sewing to use up all my stashes and to finish projects
    • Work on sewing pattern organization


    • Read 25-30 new-to-me books
    • Finish all the books I have borrowed as of 3/26 and read 4 of my own unread books
  • Daily Life

    1st Quarter Goals

    Here are my 1st quarter goals, edited a bit for privacy.

    ~Pay off student loan (probably too ambitious at this point)
    ~Purchase TEFL training
    ~Emergency fund

    ~Plan for school
    ~Complete TEFL training (I’m not sure I will be able to complete it because it is so far in)

    ~Focus on diet, hydrations, supplements, and meal plan
    ~Lose 10 pounds (I’ve gained 5 instead, but I don’t think I’ll be losing 15 in two months)
    ~Focus on stretching with walking, swimming, and abs & gluts work-outs
    ~Tech vacations
    ~Get a facial

    Personal Development
    ~Reach 65% on Spanish in Duolingo (and keep pace in Tinycards) and work on geography with Seterra
    ~Complete two library math books
    ~Work through a few interpersonal communication, logic, EQ, logic, and critical thinking books
    ~Work through 1 Craftsy course, 20+ YouTube videos, and one library book on art
    ~Buy piano D.V.D.’s and listen to 6 new C.D.’s from library (I’ll modify this because I had forgotten our library has digital offerings)

    Travel and Explore
    ~Take an exploration day (maybe in March, I wasn’t thinking of the seasonal aspect)
    ~Plan some day and longer trips (NYC and Anastasia . . . in my dreams)

    ~Donate blood
    ~Family time with no tech
    ~Finish gifts, start 1-2 baby blankets

    Homemaking and Holidays
    ~Clear out digital files; get Lightroom & start editing
    ~Use up extra beauty products
    ~Plan Summer and Spring wardrobe (including proper outdoor and activities clothes and shoes)

    Sewing and Making
    ~Working on stash busting sewing and knitting
    ~Work on finishing random projects and finish 3 Craftsy courses

    ~Read 25 new to me books
    ~Read 6 borrowed (from other people/the basement, lol) and 3 unread books of mine