Movies I Watched in 2016

This doesn’t include rewatches. Recently Released (2015-2016)Bridge of Spies. Thrilling, provokes some intellectual thought, and Tom Hanks is brilliant.Brooklyn. Cute, but Tony really makes the movie, everything else is rather bland (except Domhnall Gleeson).Captain American: Civil WarGuardians of the GalaxyStar Wars: Episode VII. I was too gullible in thinking highly of this; STAR WARS FANS liked it, and… Continue reading Movies I Watched in 2016

Travel Packing Lists and Containers and Packing and Planning

I bought these travel toothbrushes, travel makeup brushes, and travel bottles on Amazon. I had an Excel packing list with items in red that I needed. I shared some toiletries. I wrote some last minute checklists in addition to my packing list to ensure I packed everything. I am trying to make notes for better… Continue reading Travel Packing Lists and Containers and Packing and Planning

New Year’s

So, usually our family has a New Year’s Eve celebration, but this year we had a New Year’s Day celebration due to people seeing crazy drivers last year and the holiday eve falling on a Wednesday (prayer meeting) night. I prefer this because people do not stay too late. I still found it quite loud… Continue reading New Year’s