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    Blog Update: All My Old Posts Are Available Now

    I couldn’t figure out or did something wrong when trying to transfer my blogger blog posts over the first time. But for some reason, I only had to try one thing this time (pretty sure it was redoing what I did before), and it worked. So all the posts that I left on my old blog are available here now. I’ve also updated my template and added tags, so I’m pretty pleased with myself. I’ve also updated some of my pages as well.

    I rejoined the Classics Club, so I will be writing more individual reviews, and I feel like I’m getting more motivation back to write more opinion posts. For awhile I was burned out and just burned on opinions (still don’t love rants and opinions-presented-as-sermons-or-facts . . . for obvious reasons). I think I’m better able to think through things and to write in a way that is perhaps less antagonizing? I want to try to utilize my book journal more (that makes it easier to write more thoughtful reviews and opinion posts) and just put more thought into things. I think I’ve been reading too passively and quickly recently.

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    What I’ve Been Up To

    New phone. I bought the Google Pixel 3 during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, or rather signed up for the payment plan. I had a reasonable justification for this, I’ll see if that pans out or not. Anyway, the camera was a main selling point. I’ve also loved trying out apps I couldn’t get because my iPhone didn’t get updates anymore as well as realizing my apps I did have previously have been updated as well. One new app is Serial Reader which I’ve been using to read War and Peace. I wanted Kristin Lavransdatter as well, but it isn’t available on it currently.

    Finishing my reading challenge.

    Various Christmas things like knitting, shopping, seeing a high-school White Christmas play. I also made some Joanna Gaines inspired earrings for my sister with help from Youtube videos. I’ll do a separate post for that.

    Enjoying time with my niece and seeing lots of videos and photos of her. I have a lot of younger siblings, but I was young when they were babies and obviously didn’t care much about developmental milestones. We obviously all think that our niece (daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter) is a genius. Her laughing videos are hilarious, and apparently she knows how to sing because when her mama plays the piano, she “sings.” The most recent video she was sitting in my sister-in-laws lap while she played “singing” and cutting her eyes at my brother who was videoing as if to say, “are you getting this Daddy?”

    Whilst brainstorming for the ladies $10 gift, I looked at turban hats (will possibly be making myself one) and a couple of them showed adorable little brooches). When I went on my last Christmas shopping trip (I didn’t need me things, but it was so successful which just makes me happy), I found this absolutely darling pins.

    Enjoying Christmas, I’ll have a few posts up soon.

    Binging on Youtube. I’m really missing the blog world, so many people quitting and less inspiring, more shallow business-y people starting, I go through phases though, I follow and unfollow rather a lot, not because I start to dislike but because I’m bored or don’t want to have that many regular channels to follow. I’ve of course watched tons on planning videos for New Year’s prep I’ll link to some of those when I post more on my year’s plans.

    Rescuing a kitty on New Year’s Eve. The rest of our family went to a friends but I preferred to stay home. I put our “baby” cat in, and an hour later went to walk one of the dogs and saw her (as I thought, small, black with a collar) outside. I rushed upstairs (when in doubt, panic) and found her looking sleepily back at the crazy lady. I knew it wasn’t our other darkish cat, and I assumed it ran away or in the bushes, but it had run up high into our tree (I’m not sure what kind off tree but it had lots of thin, very twig filled branches, like a net, not optimal for fetching a cat). After checking with a neighbor, slipping, and shaking a food bowl, the cat came down. I posted about him on Nextdoor (an essential site/app if you have animals), and we kept it overnight and fed and watered him. We haven’t had feral strays around in years, and I could tell that he’d been much loved by people (he was cuddly and shiny) and definitely at least a partially inside cat, and that he seemed lost, and he also seemed young as he was small. We don’t have a letterbox, so I eventually let him out. His owners said he came back home and that he was indoor/outdoor. I was so relieved.

    New Year’s Day we had our homemade dough-nuts and board games day. Thankfully it was a much smaller group than usual.

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    A Period Drama Inspired Tea

    I held a somewhat period drama inspired tea party during my past Spring Break. It was lovely and for once all my food preparations turned out well. I had more than enough food, but that should always be the case I think. One friend brought some food, but I like I said, I had plenty, so I didn’t feel as if I had to have more food. I was also timely thanks to another friend who came early to help prepare food.

    I had tons of fresh flowers which my mom bought from the grocery store, and I made garlands of book page hearts from thrift store books (Narnia and Persuasion...the books have to be good ones of course!)…one sister thought this was an act of desecration…-__-

    I facebooked most people a month to a few weeks ahead of time, so people could keep their calendar open, and then a week ahead of time I sent fancy invitations. They were a little rushed and my wax seals didn’t work out properly (I used candles and not the taper type either), but I can always improve…and besides I recently bought the proper kind of wax sticks!

    We had our tea…or lemonade for the fakers like myself, and then we played some lovely period drama quizzes borrowed with permission from Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm. After that those that could watched the 2008 Sense and Sensibility.

    Forgive my sad privacy photo editing. The first three photos are my own iphone photos.

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    Hello, I Exist Still

    I am sorry I have not posted in a long while. I do have some “reviews” in the works for the books/plays I have been reading since school finished.

    I have seen the wonderful Avengers movie (I went to a midnight showing-a first for me), but as with The Hunger Games, I want to watch it again before I post anything on it. An action movie, an already tired person, and midnight showings do not make for a brilliant memory. My brother insisted that we saw a Dark Knight Rises trailer, and after much argument I began to have a slight, wavering memory of it, but I apparently had instantly forgot that we saw it because when the movie was starting I was whining about not seeing a Dark Knight Rises trailer…so yeah, I don’t think my Avengers perceptions are exactly post ready.

    I am quite excited about Dark Knight Rises what with all the AMAZING trailers. Snow White and the Huntsman is also looking good (for its type-do not think that I place it in the same “good” group as Dark Knight Rises)…except for the fatal flaw named Kristen Stewart. What mental person cast Chris Hemsworth (CHRIS HEMSWORTH), and Kristen Stewart in the same movie (actually who in their right mind would cast her in any movie)? Brave is looking nice too.

    Oh, and I finally remembered to get in Pottermore. I am a dork I know-trust me I was laughed at, but the wand and the Ravenclaw standing are worth it.

    Okay, I am rambling and its about midnight, good night peoplesez.

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    Yeah, that one month fast…hahahaha! FAIL.

    Anyway. Here are some photos and snippets of my life lately.

    Photos are from a trip to a forest/park in our area.

    My camera and I are still not on spectacular terms right now. I was getting very frustrated trying to take photo in the wind and with friends watching (and waiting). I finally switched to motion even when there was really no movement, and I was quite satisfied. I know these are no masterpieces, but for me they are amazing.

    I need to spend more time with my camera, but I really want to get a book and find a site because there is only so much that I can do on my own with technology.

    I have a week of school left-hallelujah! My procrastination ways have as usual put a heavier burden on me than was necessary for these last few weeks. I will have a month break, two months of summer classes, a few more weeks of break…and then I will attend college for real. I wonder if I will fail because I am such a lazy student. I finally got accepted into my local university. I still need to attend orientation and pick my classes. I will be in for a shock on so many levels I suppose.

    I have seen the famous Hunger Games film. I went to see it by myself, and I then wrote nearly six handwritten pages of my opinions. I want to watch it again and write more and then revise and revise, and then I may post about it.

    I want to sew, sew, SEW during my month break. I have so many projects I want to either finish to wear or to get rid of to make room. I will post some sneak peek photos of some of those projects in an upcoming post.

    I also plan to make a foray into the unknown (to me) world of consignment shopping. I have started a rough list of places that I want to explore in my current city. I want to live in other cities, and I realized I have done a poor job at appreciating and even knowing my city.

    In July my mom and some of my sisters are going to Williamsburg. Mom wants to see one of the plantations in the area, and I also want to see Jamestown and Yorktown. I cannot wait; this is an added reason to speed up my camera learning process!

    Anyway, that a bit of an update from my life.

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    Hello, everyone. I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas. The week before Christmas I worked more than I ever have in my life; it was quite a taste of real adult life. Added to that I was working on finishing parts of my Christmas outfit.

    My Christmas was lovely especially since just a few days after Christmas we visited Chicago for a few days; I have never been before, actually I have not been to many big cities (San Francisco-that hardly counts though since we did not spend much time there, Washington D.C., St. Louis, and Chicago) as Chicago is the third largest in the U.S., it was the largest I have visited. I will post some photos of my trip, presents, some new things I have bought, and my Christmas outfit later this week.

    This rest of this week will need to be used to prepare for school (I still need to finish organizing my room, and I have two textbooks that I need to order) and celebrate the New Year with friends. By the way I was thrilled to find that I had sold my first textbook!

    We are having a New Years Eve Eve party tomorrow; I cannot believe it will be 2012 next week. I am ready for some aspects of it (I have carefully filled out my purse calendar with all the great movies coming out next year), but I am nervous about some (I will have my first ever classroom setting class, I will have to do math which I have not done for about 5 years, and I will have science classes).

    Oh, and I recently finished my crazy long bucket list which I will post soon as well. My sister listened to me read parts of it and scoffed at it. I do not have to have an adrenaline filled bucket list thank you very much! My bucket list is just like other that I have read on my favorite blogs. I want one of my friends to read it first this week, and then I will post it.