My Reading Systems

How I Find What to Read o In the early stages I relied mainly on friends, family, pulling directly from shelves (VERY early), and homeschooling. o Now, my main sources for fiction are other bloggers. o My nonfiction is more of a mix; friends, websites (not usually bloggers), and my research. o I’m not really… Continue reading My Reading Systems

Travel Packing Lists and Containers and Packing and Planning

I bought these travel toothbrushes, travel makeup brushes, and travel bottles on Amazon. I had an Excel packing list with items in red that I needed. I shared some toiletries. I wrote some last minute checklists in addition to my packing list to ensure I packed everything. I am trying to make notes for better… Continue reading Travel Packing Lists and Containers and Packing and Planning

Homemaking Binder

This is the pink version of my recipe binder, and I have made it my homemaking binder. The content is varied; the first photo is an example of some notes from our church’s Titus 2 studies while the second photo contains information linked on Pinterest. I will probably want several different binders. One for planning/cleaning/… Continue reading Homemaking Binder

Recipe Binder

This assigned dish (with this crust) caused me to bring out my recipe binder  . . . to fill out the recipe for my own use I do not know if I mentioned this before, but last year I finally got seriously started on copying favorite recipes for my future family. You can see some scrap paper… Continue reading Recipe Binder