Beauty and the Beast Week Kick-Off Tag

I’m participating in Meredith’s Beauty and the Beast week. At least, I’m going to do that tag and read a bunch of posts. 1.When did you first experience Beauty and the Beast?As a child I watched the Disney princess movie and read our large blue Disney Classics book (Mom just got this again for my sister… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Week Kick-Off Tag

Movies I Watched in 2016

This doesn’t include rewatches. Recently Released (2015-2016)Bridge of Spies. Thrilling, provokes some intellectual thought, and Tom Hanks is brilliant.Brooklyn. Cute, but Tony really makes the movie, everything else is rather bland (except Domhnall Gleeson).Captain American: Civil WarGuardians of the GalaxyStar Wars: Episode VII. I was too gullible in thinking highly of this; STAR WARS FANS liked it, and… Continue reading Movies I Watched in 2016

My Favorite Songs from My Favorite Musicals

I started writing out my comment on this post, and I realized it would be far too long and should make a post. Favorite musical numbers from live-action musicals ·       Sound of Music: the Ländler, “Edelweiss,” and “My Few of My Favorite Things” ·       Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: “Goin Courtin” ·       Les Mis: (not… Continue reading My Favorite Songs from My Favorite Musicals

Movies To-Watch List

Movies, Musicals, and Television to Watch Future Movies 2016 Movies Captain America: Civil War, Star Trek: Beyond 2017 Movies Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast, Despicable Me 3, Star Wars: Episode VIIII, Spiderman (I looked the actor who plays in Captain America,… Continue reading Movies To-Watch List