So, I moved last Friday, and I just got internet today. This past week has been my last full week at my job, I got a full-time long-term temp position that pays about 30% more (!) and after two weeks of training will be from home (!). The training starts next week. All of this… Continue reading Lately

Information Minimalism

This is tied to digital minimalism, information excess flows into digital excess. Too much info, period, plus saving things for reading later. I need to realize that like Sherlock, I can’t store everything. I also don’t need to access everything. And re-accessing, maintaining, and organizing are not a great use of my time. I spend… Continue reading Information Minimalism

Minimalism, Hoarding, and Excess

I’m not naturally a minimalist but the concept of controlling excess is not novel although minimalism has made it trendy. The concept was partially practiced in our family. My mom tried to keep our toys in control, we weren’t given allowances, we usually only shopped for clothes seasonally on an as needed basis. I had… Continue reading Minimalism, Hoarding, and Excess