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    Guys and Dolls (1955)

    So many hilarious quotes and scenes.




    “I am not putting the knock on dolls. It’s just that they are something to have around only when they come in handy… like cough drops.”




    “It just struck me that nonsinners have problems.”




    “‘There is no peace unto the wicked. Proverbs.’ This is wrong.”

    “Let’s say its a matter of opinion, shall we?”

    “I made a statement of fact, it’s wrong.”

    “How dare you! Even if this is not a church, it is a mission. How dare you blaspheme!”

    “How dare you misquote the Bible! ‘There is no peace unto the wicked’ is not Proverbs, it’s Isaiah.”

    “Of course it’s Proverbs.”

    “Isaiah. Chapter 57, verse 20 or 21. Would you like to bet on it? Not money, just a nice sociable bet?”






    “I wonder what he’ll be like?”


    “That upright downright forthright square with his close shaved chin up who right now somewhere is marching along the proper approach to proper you.”





    “Well, that makes it necessary for me to stop in again. Matthew 5:39. Don’t bother looking it up, it’s the bit about the other cheek.”



    At a Cuban nightclub:


    “Now, don’t make a spectacle of yourself… You are a United States citizen in a foreign country, have you no pride in what the rest of the world thinks about Americans?”





    “But a guy doesn’t want to feel from the very beginning that he’s just like a piece of dress material a woman is going to cut up and sew according to the way they wear husbands this year.”




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    What I Watched July 2021

    I got so many great quotes from this month, so I’m going to be doing some separate posts.



    People will Talk. Another hilarious yet sweet Cary Grant film.

    Guys and Dolls. My first ever Marlon Brando movie. Loved the Sky and Sarah parts, skipped over a lot the Nathan and what’s her face parts.

    Bundle of Joy. Kinda cute, rather boring. Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.



    Community. It’s not brilliant but thus far it’s fun with some excellent sections of humor. There are some plot points I hate. Plus season 4 should never have happened. I thought I’d skip and go to season 5, but I’m not sure I’ll even make it that far.

    Troy and Annie can’t be together because you want Troy and Abed to be friends? Call me crazy but I think writers can work friendship AND romance for a character into a show. It would also help to give more time if they would delete the old creep and cut down on Ken and Barbie’s very basic story line.

    Speaking of Ken and Barbie, so there are two potential pairing setups, the older couple, Ken and Barbie, and the younger couple, Troy and Annie. Again, call me nuts, but if they weren’t going to have those pairings, maybe there are alternatives besides just simply switching the four people around, like you know they could date in their age group and out of their tiny friend clique?!!!!. That is EWW on multiple levels, the age differences (yes, I know the actual actors are same ages, not the point) and the weird sort of group incestuous sort of vibes. However, like I said tons of hilarious sections.