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    Digital Minimalism for 2021

    Pretty sure I had a post about this for 2020. I also think I was decent for a while about not getting on Instagram on my phone. However, overall, I decided I was going to have to take more drastic action. I can’t give my life to the Internet like I’ve been doing. I’m starting to implement these things this month, hopefully it will be fully in place by the end of the month.

    1. Website and app blockers during week and Sunday for social media and anything I find distracting or obsess over.
    2. Saturday is my day for blogging and scheduling posts, comments, reading blogs, social media, and YouTube, and then only when I’m not spending time with family and probably for a limited time of the day, then the blockers go back on again.
    3. I’ve gotten good at limiting my email to a certain extent, but there are some more notifications I can turn off, and I can always remain vigilant. I’ve gone back to emailing myself tons of links which builds up.
    4. Do my digital to-do’s in the morning when I have more self-control.
    5. No computer time when I get home from work, nothing should be such an emergency that I’ve got to deal with it right then.
  • Daily Life

    January 2021 Goals

    Better late than never, also nice to see that I feel like I’ve made some progress on these goals and this is a good reminder of things I need to work on.

    To set up for the month

    1. Transfer old computer programs and docs and such to new computer
    2. Vision Board Pinterest and journal (actually not going to be too different from last year honestly)
    3. Set up digital limits and controls
    4. Fill out the beginning of the Artist of Life Workbook
    5. Bullet Journal Setup
    6. Digital clear out (after computer transfer), especially phone, email and Evernote


    1. Parsley health
    2. Therapy
    3. Sugar and dairy fast (maybe next month/in my own place do elimination diet, sugar controls)
    4. Start doing simple exercise and stretching, get a Fitbit or something
    5. Work on getting to bed by 9:30
    6. Work on morning and evening routine, digital limits and controls (I’ll have another post about this)


    1. Remind to be taught more AP
    2. Private step #1
    3. Private step #2
    4. Set up tech learning plan


    1. Work on lateness
    2. Work on no gossip, politics, complaining, cussing, exaggerating set up
    3. Work on Spanish
    4. Work on habits, morning, and evening routine


    1. Increase income streams
    2. Pay off some short term debt
    3. Save enough for laser, dermontologist, orthodontist
    4. I need one month’s rent and security deposit and also a pet deposit
    5. Build up savings and emergency to a certain amount
    6. Increase all savings, esp one for car
    7. Have almost everything I need for my house and some money towards purchasing groceries, toiletries, paper goods, and cleaning supplies

    Learn to Live

    1. Schedule one thing


    1. Research what is open in terms of facials
    2. Get back on track with skincare (probably easier to try this once in my own place)
    3. Work on body care and sunscreen reapplication (probably easier to try this once in my own place)


    1. Make snowflakes (and this should be FUN, not a MUST)
    2. finish Mom’s gift

    Study Subjects

    1. Build habits, work into to-do list


    1. 12 book library limit!!!!!
    2. Order some study subjects books
    3. Finish The Idiot
    4. Overcoming Unwanted Thoughts
    5. The Shadow of the Wind
    6. Ethel Lina White mysteries
    7. Hemingway Didn’t Say That