A Literary Christmas Link-Up

I am linking up here for A Literary Christmas. My books are: ~Annika’s Secret Wish by Beverly Lewis ~Letters from Father Christmas by J. R. Tolkein ~A Merry Christmas, and Other Christmas Stories by Louisa May Alcott ~Stories Behind the Best-loved Songs of Christmas by Ace Collins ~Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: a Family Celebration of… Continue reading A Literary Christmas Link-Up

Link Love: Bookish

So, I’m not the most disciplined reader. Sometimes I force myself to finish something bit by bit by marking off segments to read. I always need light reading on hand. I easily read a book I adore in one day, but reading for learning? How to read a book in a day (okay, so serious… Continue reading Link Love: Bookish

Depth vs. Complexity

Depth vs. Complexity. I am not good at finding the right words like this (for this reason I was SO happy to see the juxtaposition in the second article; now I know what I mean!), but these are the concepts that I consider when thinking about characters and stories in movie and books. I do… Continue reading Depth vs. Complexity

Personality Link Love

“I’m not a psychopath, Anderson, I’m a highly functioning sociopath; do your research.” But is he really? Are the two disorders clearly defined and distinct? And while we are on EQ, IQ, and manipulation, how is this for disturbing? I love the four temperaments. I think the descriptors are easily defined, observed, and layered. I… Continue reading Personality Link Love