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    Laughter: Screen Rant Pitch Meetings

    Y’all, after I schedule this, I will have under 30 drafts! I started out with over 80!

    So, this channel has over 7 million, but I only this year discovered this hilarious series.

    Mulan. The part about “removing all the fun stuff,” yeah, that was basically my view of Mulan. I thought it at least was supposed to based on history, and more culturally accurate, HA, apparently there are also videos critiquing that. Yeah, I decided not to waste my time, I don’t like the animated except for the fun stuff which they disappeared, I saw bit while I was eating and my sisters were watching, but yeah, I’ll pass.

    Hunger Games.

    “Well there is not really any food in the district, so by the way the actors are gonna have to look skinny and malnourished, and well, hungry.”
    “Okay, would you settle for having beautiful, well-fed actors that are in terrific shape?”

    Harry Potter.

    “Voldemort’s going to plan something evil every year, in the spring.”
    “Nice of him to keep the school schedule like that.”

    “I’ll be honest, that plan sounds super inconvenient¬† . . . seems like there would be an easier way to get that done especially with magic being a thing.”
    “Yeah, well that’s going to kind of be a theme in these movies . . . well, we’re gonna establish some magical things that would solve a lot of problems but then the character aren’t going to use them.” Bahahahaha!

    Beauty and the Beast. The servants getting a worse punishment than the prince . . . Also. This:

    “This all takes place in provincial France, so you’re going to have to find a bunch of you know British actors.”
    “Don’t you need them to French accents, cause I can get French actors?”
    “No, they should be British and speak with British accents. They can also be American, but they have to speak with British accents.”

    This logic brings the Scarlet Pimpernel to mind . . .

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    More Humor

    Frank James has still been putting out winners such as 16 Personalities on a Road Trip (I’m INTJ with some ISFJ) and 16 Personalities Getting in Shape (I’m ENFP, ENTP with the rationale of INTP) and 16 Personalities as Brides (literally right around our wedding stuff time, so perfect to share with the family, and this one is especially good, also, I’d probably be every bride in that video at some point).

    I mentioned Trey Kennedy made a bunch of videos for a charity challenge in August and some of them are gems.

    Besides the Target vs Walmart this excruciatingly real one about jobs , Coffee Addicts, and my favorite: Plant Moms.

    Do Less Episode Trey Kennedy is from Oklahoma and has stayed in the Midwest, he and Jake were talking about good looking people and how they automatically assume those people are going to LA. Then he told a story about his agent or managment and all those people are from LA, and how they reacted when they came out to Oklahoma, seeing normal people “You have All Your teeth?!”

    Youtubers don’t often seem to stay normal and have normal lives, they always seem to move to LA or somewhere big. Similarly, you don’t often hear normal conversations like when Trey Kennedy and Jake Triplett talk about telling grandparents and parents about their job. Jake said his dad said, “Well you aren’t asking for money so you must be okay.” And Trey said his grandparent in laws think he is unemployed. It is just so funny to hear all the details of things like that.


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    Walmart vs Target You Know Like Totally Different

    This is a very deep post, obviously.

    Trey Kennedy has been doing 20 videos in August for a charity challenge, and there have been some absolutely hysterical ones. One of my favorites is

    Target People and Walmart People. Now, I know where I live, I think everyone shops at Walmart. Maybe I’m delusional, but I think you can find from upper middle to lower class there. But apparently in other states only um, how to I put it, we’ll just go with the Walmart people meme type people shop there.¬† Not a very rich nor aiming to be classy state you know.

    Anyway, I go to Walmart all the time because the time from when I get up from my desk to walking in Walmart can’t be above 5″ minutes. I’d like to think I’m not redneck though, actually, I know I’m not redneck. Target is the stereotype of basic white girls, which I’d also like to think I’m not . . . that however is probably up for debate.

    I mean I shop at Walmart and talk like Target, I mean, like you, like, he was like. I was talking to my mom about this, I know a lot of people make fun of Americans for talking like (proper usage!) this, and I wasn’t public schooled not surrounded by popular culture, how on earth did I pick this up? Does it just spontaneously spring from us?!

    Also, I think at lot of people were talking about the cleanliness of the stores. Well, my sister worked at Target, and she had some stories both with regards to that and the classiness of people. I’ll spare you the ones that come to mind.

    But before I worked in the town I work now, the Walmart I would often frequent in the nicer side of the city was side by side literally, with a Target. And I only occasionally went there. My dad always says he doesn’t understand how they can thrive side by side, and we always point out, they really aren’t rivals. Target is a nicer store, supposedly anyway for like clothes, a bit nicer makeup, home goods, things like that.

    But usually to me, Target isn’t nice enough or doesn’t have enough variety. Like Kohl’s is the same in quality to me in terms of clothes. And in my teens and early twenties I would far rather have bought from Kohl’s most of the time. And now, I’m either dirt cheap or more expensive or more specific (like Ulta for makeup) than Target depending on what I’m looking for. I have bought some things from Target, don’t get me wrong, its just not usually my first source for just about anything.