What Do You Call the Virus?

Hello from one of my brain dead weekdays. I randomly got on Pinterest and found a pin I’d sent my sisters. I’m two, or at least I try. As much as hearing or reading ‘Rona makes me want to SHRIEK in rage, that look below cracks me up.

More Humor

Frank James has still been putting out winners such as 16 Personalities on a Road Trip (I’m INTJ with some ISFJ) and 16 Personalities Getting in Shape (I’m ENFP, ENTP with the rationale of INTP) and 16 Personalities as Brides (literally right around our wedding stuff time, so perfect to share with the family, and… Continue reading More Humor

Walmart vs Target You Know Like Totally Different

This is a very deep post, obviously. Trey Kennedy has been doing 20 videos in August for a charity challenge, and there have been some absolutely hysterical ones. One of my favorites is Target People and Walmart People. Now, I know where I live, I think everyone shops at Walmart. Maybe I’m delusional, but I… Continue reading Walmart vs Target You Know Like Totally Different