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    Katniss Cowl

    Well, I finally finished my sister’s cowl that I promised like a year or so ago.  I left out the triangle piece because it did not fit after I sewed the rest of it together. When I showed my mom my accessory and the original, she liked mine better, but I am not super thrilled with it. Of course maybe it will fit my sister better than me. And rustic has never been my look anyway.

    I found photos of the back of the original as well.

    Here is an article regarding the original which costumers hand wove rather than knit.

    I used tutorials/patterns including this, this, and this for the top cording. I am left-handed, so I found this part somewhat difficult. I did only two rows rather than three and mine ended up too short in length. I should have done that part last.

    I used a couple tutorials for herringbone, and here is one (for this stitch I needed some videos).

    This is the pattern I used for the body. I think I did a little extra on the top piece and I decreased two stitches every knit row (slip 3, rather than the usual 2, knit decrease and leave one on left needle as before) for the second piece.

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    Yarn Along

    I am linking up here again.
    I usually have several books going, but I do not always read them at the same pace or evenly split my time between them. Recently, I have given the same attention for this stack although I will probably speed up the Patricia St. John book (Rainbow Garden; you can barely see the book). I am re-reading Jane Eyre  for this read-along which is averaging about 2 chapters a week. I need to speed up my reading of Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America, a 900 pages (not counting end extras) historical scholarly monograph about early America, because it is a library book.

    I have finished all the knitting on my sister’s Katniss Cowl, and the pieces are drying on my blocking boards. I will have more details about the patterns and tutorials that I used once I am finished. That bit of fluff I am currently knitting is another Holden Shawl.

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    Yarn Along

    I am linking up here.
    I actually have 7 projects on the needles. I dread the casting on and counting, so I decided to cast on quite a few projects and put some aside for later. Shown above is a Katniss cowl for my sister.
    I am re-reading N.D. Wilson’s 100 Cupboards trilogy. I love them, and I have forgotten them enough to enjoy the re-read nicely. I also finished his newest novel, Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle, this week. My other recent reads include the rest of The Giver trilogy (I liked Messenger and Son best, Jonas is annoying when he is older) and several Patricia St. John stories.

    Oh, and I finally finished that baby blanket. I am thrilled to be done. I really need to plan size and time and pattern more carefully because this really burned me out, and I wasn’t pleased with it aesthetically, too boring and common.

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    Baby Sweater

    As usual I did not meet my deadline (the baby shower) although  I was close (and I did gift it before the baby was born). I completed the knitting, but the sweater was still quite wet on the blocking board. I embroidered fabric and made covered buttons.

    Per usual, I took a while finding a yarn and pattern to suit me. I ended up modifying this pattern by using different edging and motif. I love the way it looks except for the stockinette edge; I should have modified that part better.

    This was my first raglan sleeve sweater and my second baby sweater.

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    Vogue Knitting

    I remember years ago picking up a Vogue Knitting Magazine and seeing two lace items which I adored (this was when I only dreamed of knitting lace). I finally tracked down the issue and ordered it and a few others (one can see some of the patterns in each issue on Ravelry to determine if one wants them . . . ). There were even more patterns that I liked than I expected. YES!

    I normally am not super thrilled with knitting magazines and even a lot of pattern books, but Vogue Knitting has intermediate to advanced patterns with unique styles rather than the majorly simplistic styles in some of the magazines. Put “Vogue” in the name and voilà, professionalism . . . Vogue sewing patterns are the best modern patterns in U.S (please, someone make ALL Marfy patterns more easily available to us in the U.S.!).

    Fall 2012, Fall 2010 (the one with the adored lace garments), and Early Fall 2012, respectively. 
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    Shawl and Kerchief

    Forgive my photos. At least I am using my camera :/
    I tell you, blocking is MAGIC. I love the way these look . . . and of course you cannot tell with my horrifying photos. I will finish my photography class and invest in more lenses at some point, I promise. Digital literacy, people, I have got to master this.

     The teal kerchief was so tiny, but I managed to block it to a more visible size. I want to buy enough yarn to knit the full-size pattern at some point because it is gorgeous and unique.

    This is brighter in reality and glossy and sumptuous and lovely!!!!! Again, I love the pattern and will use again. I have so many shawl patterns that I want to try though!

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    First Autumn Yarn Order.

    Yarn is like candy, it is so scrumptious. I still have oodles left of the gorgeous stuff from last year, but I have made a few purchases this year.

    I also finally bought blocking boards and (not enough) pins! I also invested in a set of interchangeable circular needles. I will have a few previously finished, newly blocked projects to post soon.

    Anyway. I recently found this lovely yarn shop on Etsy from which I purchased the purple yarn. Everything else, including the blocking supplies, I purchased from Knitpicks.

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    Yarn Along

    I caved and finally bought the Holden Shawl pattern. If I pay, I would prefer to pay for a more unique design (this stitch is not an original one), but I did not want to wait to get this class and figure it out myself. Oh, well.

    I definitely want to try this with a lighter weight yarn and beading (a photo of such as shawl on Pinterest was my first introduction to this apparently widely popular pattern).

     I am using KnitPicks Diadem variegated; I bought it majorly on sale last fall since they were discontinuing the variegated. The color is darker and more red, but I did not feel like fooling with my camera anymore. One day I will finish that photography class. I saw some Tumblr posts on the tv/movie on Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, so I decided I would read this. Not quite what I was expecting, but interesting.

    I finished my little neckerchief, but as I still have not bought blocking boards, a photo will have to wait. I have another project, a scarf, on hold as I found this shawl much more interesting and speedy to knit. I have been looking for sweaters, dresses, and yarn; I will have to see if I can make such big projects work. I already frogged a skirt. I think I want to make up the pattern myself but do not know how to figure out gauge and stitches for cables. Oh, yeah. And I have several baby projects I need to make for which I am having trouble even simply deciding on patterns and yarn. And I only have two months for some of them.

    I am linking up here.

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    Yarn Along

    I have not participated in one of these in forever; I am linking up here again.

    I am working on this skirt in a cotton silk blend yarn. I am planning on lengthening it a couple inches. I am rereading Northanger Abbey; this is supposed to be a light distraction while I try to make my way through the Pickwick Papers.
    Well, it is finally finished. I still do not have blocking boards, so I had to block it on a towel. It is still uneven, oh well. I am soooo glad it is done. It has kept me from starting new projects. I have more baby things to knit which I need to start soon, so they will be done before the babies arrive and so they will not take up all of my knitting energy.
    I also finished the lace neckerchief I was working on, but I do not want to post that until I can block it properly.
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    Yarn Along

    I am linking here again.

    I am knitting a log cabin baby blanket. I love how it looks. Although I am still technically reading The Talisman Ring, I have most recently been reading Bleak House and hope to finish soon.

    Here is the baby sweater I wanted to finish for Christmas Eve . . . I finished it New Year’s Day. I learned how to seam which was time consuming but fascinating in the way it turns out. I borrowed Natural Nursery Knits from the library and used this pattern out of it. The neck looks really small on mine, yikes. I would use the pattern again for a baby boy; I think it is really cute. And I think I would try more patterns from the book as well.