Katniss Cowl

Well, I finally finished my sister’s cowl that I promised like a year or so ago.  I left out the triangle piece because it did not fit after I sewed the rest of it together. When I showed my mom my accessory and the original, she liked mine better, but I am not super thrilled… Continue reading Katniss Cowl

Yarn Along

I am linking up here again. I usually have several books going, but I do not always read them at the same pace or evenly split my time between them. Recently, I have given the same attention for this stack although I will probably speed up the Patricia St. John book (Rainbow Garden; you can… Continue reading Yarn Along

Yarn Along

I am linking up here. I actually have 7 projects on the needles. I dread the casting on and counting, so I decided to cast on quite a few projects and put some aside for later. Shown above is a Katniss cowl for my sister. I am re-reading N.D. Wilson’s 100 Cupboards trilogy. I love them,… Continue reading Yarn Along

Baby Sweater

As usual I did not meet my deadline (the baby shower) although  I was close (and I did gift it before the baby was born). I completed the knitting, but the sweater was still quite wet on the blocking board. I embroidered fabric and made covered buttons. Per usual, I took a while finding a… Continue reading Baby Sweater

Yarn Along

I am knitting the Moonrise shawl as a selfish interlude between baby knitting projects. I also have a Christmas project in the works. I am trying Never Let Me Go; I am not sure if I will stick with it or not, I just burned myself on a book. 

Vogue Knitting

I remember years ago picking up a Vogue Knitting Magazine and seeing two lace items which I adored (this was when I only dreamed of knitting lace). I finally tracked down the issue and ordered it and a few others (one can see some of the patterns in each issue on Ravelry to determine if… Continue reading Vogue Knitting

Shawl and Kerchief

Forgive my photos. At least I am using my camera :/I tell you, blocking is MAGIC. I love the way these look . . . and of course you cannot tell with my horrifying photos. I will finish my photography class and invest in more lenses at some point, I promise. Digital literacy, people, I… Continue reading Shawl and Kerchief

First Autumn Yarn Order.

Yarn is like candy, it is so scrumptious. I still have oodles left of the gorgeous stuff from last year, but I have made a few purchases this year. I also finally bought blocking boards and (not enough) pins! I also invested in a set of interchangeable circular needles. I will have a few previously… Continue reading First Autumn Yarn Order.

Yarn Along

I am linking up here. I am knitting the Spruce Cowl, and reading an A.A. Milne mystery from this list of little known mysteries. 

Yarn Along

I caved and finally bought the Holden Shawl pattern. If I pay, I would prefer to pay for a more unique design (this stitch is not an original one), but I did not want to wait to get this class and figure it out myself. Oh, well. I definitely want to try this with a… Continue reading Yarn Along

Yarn Along

I have not participated in one of these in forever; I am linking up here again. I am working on this skirt in a cotton silk blend yarn. I am planning on lengthening it a couple inches. I am rereading Northanger Abbey; this is supposed to be a light distraction while I try to make… Continue reading Yarn Along