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    Bookish Post One Billion and One

    I think I wrote this the end of January and just did not schedule it.

    I have been compiling a treasury of links of bloggers’ book list. I want to keep adding to my running book lists.

    I am not doing the Goodreads challenge; I am looking more at goals about types of books/reads rather than numbers. I found these two challenges via this blogger and this blogger (I think I will write is some ideas for books on them; for the over 500 I will count the book I am reading now, 1/31, Daniel Deronda). Please note that the Popsugar site is less than good. I might extend these over a year, so as to be reasonable rather than burdensome.

    I won these bookmarks in this giveaway.
    I cannot remember if I posted a photo of my sort of book journal; I think I did. I have been rather opinion lazy/exhausted/disgusted lately plus I have so very many projects I am always intending to do plus I have full-time hours between my two jobs (as of 1/31), so will we see if I have much to put in here. I would rather it be a as-inspired sort of journal (it has pages full of North and South book and movie commentary written in several installments). I love Barnes and Noble notebooks and journals and the Half-Price metallic art cover collection from which I own many.
    I should like to finish my Classics Club list this year. I will not be repeating that challenge. I am more of a guidelines individual although this is less restrictive than many book challenges/lists.