• Handicrafts

    Creative Endeavors Besides Knitting

    A couple months ago I made a few items (a hand embroidered table cloth and a necklace) to send in a birthday package my mom was preparing for a family friend. I had recently been purging and organizing craft supplies, and I also finished another project, my reticule from a class at a Jane Austen festival like 5 years ago, but I will probably figure out some way to rework it into something else, a quilt maybe because I would not use the reticule (or maybe I could offer it in a giveaway for another blogger’s regency blog event although I haven’t seen any for a while).

    More recently I completed these pages from my art journal. I kept putting off the painting, so I ended up doing a stylized type painting and I’m pretty happy with it. I got a watercolor paper journal, so I could use a variety of mediums without worrying about bleeding. And the ring binder allows for adding thickness. I know this is juvenile; I want to improve my efforts, but I need to start and not procrastinate until I’ve attained perfection (lol).

    I bought clothes pins a couple months ago and then in a crafting mood made these.

  • Beauty and Fashion

    Whimsical, Unique, Artsy Jewels

     I won a customized locket from Origami Owl a few years ago. I knocked the back out when trying to add a too wide charm. I need to find out how to fix it.
     My ten commandment bookmark from childhood.
     Books from Hobby Lobby to make this necklace or one similar. Except I do not want all the colors together, and I want to cover the gold on some of the books with silver and perhaps add a little more detail to the books.
    The book necklace I made. I have not really worn it; I think I need a longer chain. 
    Resin earrings from Chicago years ago. I ended up loving them when I was hesitant at first.
     Sterling silver charms from a fun antique shop nearish us. There is always a nice pile of all sorts of random charms. The little Bible has the Lord’s Prayer in teeny-tiny print in it.
     Some jewelry from nature.
     Pewter from Williamsburg and glass beads from an art fair. 
     Another art fair gem.
    I just love fairy-tale and whimsical jewelry and want to meticulously curate a collection for myself.

  • Beauty and Fashion

    Vintage Buys

    I mentioned in a previous post that I ordered a vintage pattern.

    Here is the pattern sleeve. I cannot find a date, but the ebay listed stated 1940’s. All the pieces are pre-cut, yay! The pattern is just one (too small) size, but I think I can enlarge it fairly easily.

    Look at those neckline and waistline details!
    I bought these 1960’s sterling silver earrings on etsy. They are so elegant. I think I want to wait until I have the proper new outfit with which to wear them. I will also try to polish them with baking soda.