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    Interior Decorating Dreaming

    I have always loved HGTV, but sometimes it has dry spells of good shows, and I have dry spells of interest. We watched a lot of HGTV on vacation with our favorites being Fixer Upper and Property Brothers. Humor+Family business+Fixer Uppers=fun and inspiration.

    I also like the tiny house shows as tiny houses have intrigued me since I first watched an internet video about a high-schooler building one. I do not want that extreme for myself, but I am trying to weed out some excess and wondering how to find a balance in a world of excessively huge houses.

    Whenever I get married or start a real job, my ideal situation is to have as small a mortgage as possible by buying a tiny fixer-upper. I am so picky that I think I need a fixer-upper, so that I can have a house that satisfies my aesthetic taste. Besides, a unique touch is so satisfying.

    I pinned a link to the site Design Seeds which helps you pick color palettes. The choices are limited to what the site creator has put together, so I went searching for another option and found Adobe Color. I may give my room a mini-make-over (no painting).