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    Fun for This Week

    I’m still working but between mandated off days that don’t follow any sort of pattern and everything going on or rather not going on, the days and weeks are blurring together. I have to keep checking to see if it’s a new week from the last time I posted one of these, lol.

    Pocket Princesses (on zoom). I totally forgot about Pocket Princesses, but for some reason they popped up in a search or somewhere shared them or something. So now I follow them on Instagram (or maybe refollow?). They are both cute and hilarious.

    Crow’s Eye Productions Walk with Me videos. The team behind Crow’s Eye production has a model in different period dresses in gorgeous nature videos with music and quotations (regency one is from Emma).

    This youtube channel. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before. The “You know you’re dating a person from insert country, when” videos as well as the cultural stereotype videos are hilarious. They have a lot of countries I don’t know much about or don’t see many videos about.

    Basic Bro’s During Safe at Home.  The gym withdrawal, lol.

    Day 1 vs Day 50 Staying at Home. “It’s stuck to me at this point, so.”

    16 Personalities as Youtubers

    16 Personalities Reacting to 16 Personality videos. ISTJ “Myers-Briggs is pseudoscience.” Yeah, that is me this one.

    I also decided to rewatch A Very Potter Musical  . . . because I’m classy. Oh, my stars, it’s hilarious. Someone else commented (I think I thought this before or someone mentioned it before), but um, this Ron is FAR better than the movie Ron. Actually, he’s better than book Ron (oh, sacrilege). Oh, my word, that chocolate bar scene! Ron’s emotional eating is something else. Another blogger mentioned something that triggered the memory train of naive homeschooler moments . . . yah, I learned some things from this musical. I

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    Link Love: Culture Clips

    Strategies for using social media well.

    This short film (I can only recommend this particular one; there is another I don’t recommend)

    This and this. These are poetry videos (I can only recommend these I post here; there are others I don’t recommend). I really struggle with poetry, perhaps I should see if mixed media poetry forms will help me. These are the same people who did the above video and Kissing in the Rain (which, if you need a semi-sweet respite, is just the thing). I just love their work.

    Perhaps we need to be more interesting (otherwise known as “having a life”).

    And because I’m contrary, here and here are humorous takes on essential oils (though to be honest my main issue is . . . I don’t really like smells, like almost NONE).

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    Would You Rather, Jane Austen 2nd Edition Plus Mr. Darcy’s Inner Struggles

    I’m borrowing these questions from Cordie. My sister kept mentioning and sending me Mr. Darcy’s Inner Struggles on Pinterest, and I only recently realized how many of them exist, so I set about trying to find them all. Here is the original source. The link is to the beginning, scroll down to see the earliest, and then go to the next page and repeat. Enjoy, they are hysterical (note, some language).

    1. Would you rather summer at Abbey Mill Farm with the Martins or spend the winter in London with your aunt and uncle?

    2. Would you rather be carried away in the moment and insult someone in company or be overcome by horrid imaginings and have to confess your thoughts to someone you admire?
    Oh, I’d far likely do the former, and I would probably prefer it too.

    3. Would you rather marry Mr. Bingley or Robert Martin?
    Mr. Bingley. We can see in the book that he’s intelligent, kind, sweet, etc. while I only know that Mr. Knightley thinks Robert Martin could.

    4. Would you rather tour the lake country or visit the seaside?
    Tour the lake country. I’m rather tired of the Southern default to Florida. Do we have to do the same thing a trillion times? Although, the British beach would be new to me, but I’m trying to translate my experience here. I’d go to Colorado lakes or mountains before another beach trip if I had my choice.

    5. Would you rather entertain Miss Bates or Mr. Collins in conversations?
    I think Miss Bates would be easier and less embarrassing. I’d rather listen to Mr. Collins safely from afar though for amusement.

    6. Would you rather sing a musical piece at a gathering while hiccuping every other line or take a great tumble while dancing?
    Fall. Definitely.

    7. Would you rather be deceived by Willoughby or Wickham?
    I would rather be deceived by someone more clearly wrong and far less interesting, like Wickham, but I’m sure I’d more likely be deceived by Willoughby’s good (superficial) qualities.

    8. Would you rather fall head over heels in love with a man who turns out to be engaged or fall for a man too busy loving someone else to notice you?
    If the engaged man loved me, then the engaged man.

    9. Would you rather ride in a carriage or upon a horse to an evening party?
    A carriage; I’d want to still look nice when I got to the party.

    10. Would you rather accept advice from Mrs. Weston or Elinor Dashwood?
    Mrs. Weston? I don’t know. I prefer advice from people who have both more of a claim to experience and more mildness and humility of manner. But I wouldn’t call Elinor a know-it-all.

    11. Would you rather have as a companion Jane Fairfax or Charlotte Lucas?
    Probably Charlotte as she talks. I talk a lot, but I don’t like talking to silence; I want a response.

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    Wives and Daughters Abbreviated

    I wrote this a few months ago and posted it on FB. I cracked myself up anyway. With some minor corrections I present to you

    Wives and Daughters Abbreviated

    The sweet wallflower meets a nice, snobby family with the debonair, cool son (and mama’s boy) and a dork son. She crushes on the dork. 
    The pretty wallflower is upset when her father marries a wicked step-mother. She comes to love her gorgeous, diva step-sister, but her dork loves the diva, and the diva pretends to love him back. 
    The cool dude and dork’s mother dies.
    The diva happens also to be a jilt, and the poor heroine is used by the diva to get rid of the jilted playa. The dork goes off, and the diva cheats on him with your average Joe who just so happens to be filthy rich.
    The cool dude who is secretly married pines away and dies because his father is cruel; therefore, his marriage becomes public knowledge.
    The dork returns.
    The diva’s shallowness, deceit, and two-facedness are discovered. The dumb dork is crushed, and then immediately falls in love with the deserving wallflower. The author dies, and the fans make up a happily ever after for the dork and the wallflower.

    I will resurface (hopefully) in December when this abominable semester at an abominable university is over.