Inklings February 2021: A Snow Scene: Warrior Scarlet

When I first read February’s prompt for Inklings the first scene that popped into my head was when Harry, under his invisibility cloak threw snow at and generally repaid Draco and Co. back. However, I’ve had quite enough Harry Potter on my blog for the time being, especially since I chose a Harry Potter topic… Continue reading Inklings February 2021: A Snow Scene: Warrior Scarlet

A Film Review of Brooklyn

Okay, review might be too dignified for this. But whatever. Tony! He was so sweet and precious and that accent (Northeastern American accents are not top in my fav/admired/respected accents) is so cute on him. He was adorable in character and person. Oh, right the movie. Sweet overall, pretty clothes, interesting perspective. I liked that… Continue reading A Film Review of Brooklyn

The Book Thief

This is my reaction upon reading this book several weeks ago. I didn’t want to modify it much, just a few edits.Um, everything and everything. What do I even say? Rudy. Rudy! Liesel and Max HAVE to marry since Rudy died. That is the only way after that ruination. My sister (who reads Dostoevsky and… Continue reading The Book Thief