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    I am participating in the yarn along here again.

    I am of course both reading and knitting more than one book and project, but I will try to post the other items next week. Forgive any crooked photos; my personal computer is dead, and so my iphone set-up is not the same. I started out using this baby dress pattern and downsized on the needles and cut out a leaf at the top, but now I am winging it. Yikes.

    I have been listening to my younger sisters’ Adventures in Odyssey. I always for get how wonderful this audio series is!

    Here are some projects I finished since the last knitting post. I had most of one of the silver gloves and all of one of the purple gloves done already. All the beret and finger-less glove sets are done in time for fall! I will have to post a photo of them all together. I made the headband with one of the balls of yarn I bought in N.C. and still have some left which at the moment I want to try to use for baby slippers, perhaps with the purple yarn from my finger-less gloves (this pattern, and it has some errors in the final ribbed rows, but I love this pattern the best so far; the gloves are sooo pretty on)