Habit Trackers for January and February 2019

I liked how AmandaRachLee sets up her habit trackers. I’d really only seen and “tried” the more “log” style ones, but these are just more visually appealing. Also, I’ve tried to work every single habit into my daily routines (more on that in another post). Here is are my spreads. When noting goals and such… Continue reading Habit Trackers for January and February 2019

2019 1st Quarter Goals

Main Goal/Focus: Habits, Systems, and Security Health and Systems Lose 15 lbs, try to gain some muscle tone and flexibility Work on basic daily habits (especially health ones) Set up morning and evening routine Start weekly reset, monthly planning, and life admin days Figure out digital limits and system Meal planning and prepping habits, healthier… Continue reading 2019 1st Quarter Goals

2019 Goals: Organization and Personal Development

Projects Edit and better organize and back up photos (and obtain as main old photos as I can), especially in order to make photobooks Determine old computer issues, try to get files (those on old C.D.’s if necessary); have back up plans for current computer Complete all my random unfinished projects (art journals, quilt top,… Continue reading 2019 Goals: Organization and Personal Development

2019 Goals: Health

Why is this the hardest thing? Main goal: Improve habits so that overall health is improved in a sustainable way. Specifics: Lose 30 pounds and build muscle, build flexibility, and develop good posture habits Eat better and make that a habit Set easily obtainable exercise and stretch goals Obtain medical records If I’ve reached health… Continue reading 2019 Goals: Health

2019 Goals: Financial and Career

My work history isn’t pretty. I’ve been mainly temping and will probably continue to do so for awhile, but is really not enough on it’s own. I’m trying to work on being more proactive and less dependent. I don’t know how to explain this all; I’m very tired of being given stale advice that is… Continue reading 2019 Goals: Financial and Career

New Year Resolutions and Planning

I’ve spent a lot of time planning, several drafts of resolutions, goals, etc. I watched tons of YouTube, mostly MuchelleBĀ for ideas and inspiration (last year Lavendaire was the go-to YouTuber) plus lots of AmandaRachLee and others (see my Pinterest board section for more of them) for the practical, physical planner pages. I’d decided on a… Continue reading New Year Resolutions and Planning

Reading Goals for 2019

I looked at my laughably ambition 2018 goals, and I decided to modify them a bit. I would like to read 100 new to me books this year. I decided to set that as a reasonable number and add more on as I re-read any or set a better pace or read anything too easy… Continue reading Reading Goals for 2019

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Fall Fun List Success

An autumn festival (already scheduled, just need to ask off) with my grandparents Join in on our family Ladies Shopping Day; I have only been able to join on show-and-tell the last few times. We’ve tried to have 1-2 shopping days with the ladies in Mom’s extended family where we shop at antique stores and… Continue reading Fall Fun List Success

Fall Fun List and To-Do’s

I always love seasonal “bucket” lists, and enjoy reading Hamlette’s to-dos. I’m an inveterate list making . . . and list-ignorer. I’ll probably put up a final quarter to-do list once I’ve formulated it. It will be MUCH simpler than the ones I previously made myself. Fall Fun/Hobby To-Do List An autumn festival (already scheduled,… Continue reading Fall Fun List and To-Do’s