May 2021 Goals

So, another big change. I was regretting my new job from basically the beginning. And I kept trying to talk myself into staying or at least staying until I got another opportunity. I hated it and actually think some really unethical stuff is going on (remind me to never work for the government or anything… Continue reading May 2021 Goals

2nd Quarter Goals

Overall goal: Shake It Back Up! I’m slipping back into monotony and laziness and losing my drive, memory, and optimism. I marked some items with an “!” to help myself in this area. Obviously, this is edited a bit for privacy. Wellness and Habits Lose 15 lbs, gain muscle, tone, and flexibility Return to morning,… Continue reading 2nd Quarter Goals

March 2019 Goals

I need to “course correct” (an excellent concept I picked up in The Slight Edge) for this month, so a lot of items are going to be copy and paste from February. Wellness Get back on track with habits Prep meals regularly Start facial care routine Start a weekly reset habit (Sat/Sun?), get back on track… Continue reading March 2019 Goals

February 2019 Goals: What I Accomplished

Wellness Build up health habits, maintain other habits. I was especially excellent on keeping up with reading, Spanish, and school. I did start pre-packing some meals (which were healthier), and I ran out of my not-so-healthy snacks towards the end of the month, although that has nothing to do with self-control. Lose 5+ lbs. Ahahaha .… Continue reading February 2019 Goals: What I Accomplished

February 2019 Goals

I’m adjusting some of my expectations in light of January and then setting a bit higher standards where I think I can/should. Wellness Build up health habits, maintain other habits Lose 5+ lbs Start a weekly reset habit (Sat/Sun?), maintain daily routines Get hair cut Buy cosmetic and health items Set up tech guards, habits,… Continue reading February 2019 Goals