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    Yarn Along April 2019

    photo of book and knitting

    Knitting another baby blanket with KnitPicks Shine Worsted (of course), a variation on this well-loved pattern. I’m on the second book of All-of-A-Kind Family, although I’m obviously much above the intended age range (I don’t have much mental space at the moment, and I like to read books I feel I “missed out” on in my childhood), I’m enjoying them (also, five girls, one boy is a familiar situation!).

    I’m linking up here on Ginny Sheller’s blog

    and here for Crafting On.

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    Christmas Knitting

    I forgot to take a photo of the $1 gift; it was a cream version of the twist headband in this post. The beret is this pattern, and I love it as it looks like a real beret instead of a beanie when worn. I’m going to use it as a base for all other berets I make because it is┬áthe only true beret I’ve done. Also, I blocked it with the opening on the bottom of the plate and drew it up tighter with yarn stitched around, and this may have helped with the shape a bit. I think that mine looked better than the photos on the pattern page, so don’t be worried to try it.

    The pink shawl is my third Holden, and my first attempt at knitting with beads (I improvising the number and placement). The photos do not do the crystals justice. This was for my grandmother.

    The L’Enveloppe was for my sister, and I didn’t do the decreases correct (I think the seed stitch version instructions were confusing, if not wrong in keeping the pattern, so I improvised it to my detriment), so it is far longer than the pattern. Now, because of the asymmetrical nature, I don’t think it looks wrong, but I thought I would note this for anyone who might try the pattern.






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    Blogmas Day 11: Stocking Stuff Ideas Link Post

    I have collected several gift posts including a few on stocking stuffers

    Here is one from nourishing minimalism Gift cards, food, seeds, candy, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, etc. are good minimalist gifts.

    Here is one from A Modern Mrs. Darcy I particularly love the bookish, letter writing, and artsy ideas, particularly the washi tape and pens. Stamps, stickers, paper punches, a lot of small art journal items like that are lovely.

    Mom is giving seed packets to her friends, but I love the stocking stuffer idea.

    Mom always gives us fruit (I LOVE when we each get our own pomegranate) and chocolate. I think we’ve gotten Tic Tacs before too.

    The coupon idea doesn’t always have to be for kids; I made one from all of us girls for Dad to watch a movie he keeps mentioning with him.

    Activities are always a good idea; Mom bought the little girls ice skating necklaces and lessons one year.

    Beauty items like nail polish, barrettes, and headbands are always appreciated.

    A lot of these items are good for our $1 family stocking and the $5 gift exchange.

    The gifts I bought my little sisters before we decided to draw names will go in their stockings (they are adorable; I will do a post of the gifts I’m giving later).

    I personally would like a couple balls of “I Love This Yarn.”

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    A Snippet of Christmas Photos

    From my art journal.

     My Christmas Entertainment Basket, some movies and books that I own and some from two libraries. I think I’m set.
    Photo from a friend

    The chimney was my sister’s idea. Do you like my glass, especially the stained glass? I had more elaborate dreams, but this is pretty cute anyway. Thankfully my friend got the above photo because when I came home a little had fallen so I fixed it and then instead of wisely taking the photo right away cleaned up a bit, heard a noise and . . .
    It tasted quite yummy.