The Mill on the Floss Review

Prepare yourselves. I remember my sister telling me the synopsis on this story oh, a decade ago, so I knew the siblings died, I couldn’t remember anything much else, just vague things like there was a love interest. I didn’t have any connotation of the author then, and her name didn’t stick. Years later I… Continue reading The Mill on the Floss Review

Adam Bede Mini-Review

I came to this novel in almost perfect ignorance of the story. I highly recommend this method. I learned a little from the chapter titles (I love chapter titles although these could have been improved in the creative aspect) and through fill-in-the-sequence logic, but I still found myself totally unprepared for certain events and aspects.… Continue reading Adam Bede Mini-Review

Middlemarch Review Part III

And now for the best. Read part one here and two here. Caleb Garth was the best character as person. Caleb-with-a-‘c’(which form I have always preferred and considered as the true form and which must be distinguished from Kaleb-with-a-‘k’ as they don’t have the same connotation, at all, Kaleb-with-a-‘k’ is just a name) is homespun,… Continue reading Middlemarch Review Part III

Middlemarch Review Part II

Now for the more ambiguous characters. Read part one here and three here. The Vincys, Sir James and Celia, yawn. Mr. and Mrs. Cadwallader—funny. I despised and disliked Dorothea herself in the beginning; she was stupid and obnoxious and inconsistent, aiming for “high” goals with steps that quite clearly took her to depths as she had… Continue reading Middlemarch Review Part II