Ancestry Updates

This is probably totally boring to most people, but I think it’s fun, especially trying to tie back to my favorite Rosemary Sutcliff Britain before the Anglo-Saxon invasion. I want to be related to those fictional characters! Yes, I’m nuts. Original Test Update 1 I was so sad I lost Scotland/Ireland. I know I don’t… Continue reading Ancestry Updates

Ancestry DNA Update

I think DNA is fascinating. One of the aspects of Ancestry DNA is that they update our results as more research becomes available (just re-affirms that this is a new science, and they are trying for accuracy). So, here are my results. My heritage isn’t particularly spectacularly interesting to any but me except in point… Continue reading Ancestry DNA Update

I Finally Bought the Ancestry Test

Things to Bear in Mind (watch this video, focus especially on his explanations after the comparisons). 1. DNA test are new, sketchy, and general and humans are dumb. 2. In order to determine ethnicity matches, we must have reference populations. These are MODERN, so may/probably don’t reflect when my ancestors came over. For non-Europeans, the… Continue reading I Finally Bought the Ancestry Test