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    Barnes and Noble Revamp and What Book is Popular in Each State

    Drew Gooden’s discussion of how American TV lets shows go on too long Including a discussion of the total war destruction that was the end of That 70’s Show. Thank you, yes! Also, his comparison of how Friends would have ended if they followed similar horrific plot choices . . . I’m crying. And then he does that with The Office which is hilarious even though I haven’t seen the show.

    And to hit that nail in harder Reasons Why Jackie Should Have Ended Up with Hyde.

    Also his discussion of Community here, brought the show to my attention.

    Husbands of Target

    Husbands of Ikea. The upper Midwest accents make it funnier to me too.

    I think maybe they need children of Kroger or something. I try to speed Grocery shop for myself, but I am my mother’s daughter, and it does it end very inefficient and slower than it should, but when I had to wait for mom or help her shop (yay, love being the oldest of many) . . . .

    “Ma, no I’m still in . . . where are we?”



    I’m crying.

    How to Respond to Awkward Questions 

    16 Personalities Pick Up Lines

    Asian Parent Punishments: Pro Level. Look at the refrigerator behind him. These details are what make comedy videos pro level.

    If Asians Made Alexa. “When I was your age I traveled three dimensions to get to school.”

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    What I Watched June 2021: Youtube Humor

    I’m usually irritated with Youtube for suggesting people I already know about or even videos of people I follow (thanks, I know how to find those myself), but somehow I stumbled on Jaime French’s Makeup and Movies.


    I started with Raise Your Voice review. I was crying with laughter. Her humor reminds me of Micarah Tewers mixed with a Trey Kennedy video and our family (we do a lot of faces and voices).

    “He and his toothpick, they know what’s going on.”

    “Meanwhile ‘Jerry’, they are back to working on the song together. So I guess Jay is forgiven. That drunken rooftop sleepover, it healed all of Terry’s wounds.”


    Britney Spears one.

    “Ben falls asleep in the back sleep; he had a rough night . . . of pouting.”

    “He is throwing the best fit I’ve seen in any movie. Man, that’s attractive.”


    And her newest one, a classic favorite cheesy teen movie, A Cinderella Story.

    “I don’t know what is worse, his facial expression or her wording choice.”
    “We should turn in.”
    “Yes, Hilary, we should turn in, tis been a fortnight since I got a proper slumber.”

    “He doesn’t recognize her neither do her own stepsisters. They see her but they don’t know her because of her very deceiving mask . . .”

    “I’m misunderstood. I’m not the homecoming prince football captain douche lord that you think I am.”


    Then I found her Beauty YouTubers in 2014 be like:  (Also, I feel like I just recently noticed the highlighting the tip of your nose trend, some people are actually blushing it too . . . why is the Rudolph look popular?!!! I’m trying to cover up my pink nose!)

    Then the even better If Beauty YouTubers Existed in 2004

    Then the even more hilarious If Beauty YouTubers Existed In 1999

    I shared some of Jean Shorts Comedy on the 4th of July (this is not super new for me really just an extension of Trey Kennedy’s videos with his videography Jake Triplett and his friend Brad Ellis of the Ghostrunners Podcast).

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    Cottagecore and Finding My Life and Style Aesthetic and Romantic Academia

    I think I’ve shared some videos, maybe as a part of a things I love, but I was inspired to write a more dedicated post after watching this video by Ruby Granger about Cottagecore. Darling Desi also has a video about Cottage Core as well (and I recommend her birthday video on this as well). Also, I really enjoyed Mia Maples’ video about trying different aesthetics which included Cottagecore.

    My Aesthetic

    There are SO many elements in cottagecore that are so “me” and that bring together or overlap with lots of things I’ve always been interested in, or that I was interested in as a child or that I was becoming interested or re-interested in. Prairie style, slow living, rural living, handicrafts, milkmaid styles, vintage style, etc. I dislike the term though, “cottage” is a pretty word, but “core” is not. Someone on Darling Desi’s cottagecore video mentioned cottagecore being a modernization of “pastoral romance.” I could only find this pastoral literature entry, I suppose they meant that?

    I like how Ruby talks about making the style your own rather than just copying it, and I also like that she included Cinderella 2012 in her list of movies. Because besides not loving the name, I also prefer brighter colors, Cinderella 2012 is just about perfect in combing the colors and the cottage/outdoorsy vibes and decor.

    Also, I wish I could come up with a term for me. I like light academia and cottagecore and victorian and romantic and regency and vintage and ancient/classical and folk. It would be nice to have a shorter term. Romantic is rather vague, all of the other terms are too narrow. Perhaps Vintage Romantic Cottage Academia, which is a mouthful, but I think that is a pretty good summary. Or maybe Romantic Pastoral Academia? Or maybe just Romantic Academia, because I think nature featured a lot in the Romantic period, and then romantic is also a more broad term. Yes, I think I like that.

    My Cottagecore Suggestions

    I noted many of the books and movies and such that Ruby Granger shared it my video to try, and I thought I’d share (or reshare) any books, movies, etc. that I don’t think I’ve heard listed.

    • The Borrowers which is the series that is the basis for The Secret World of Arrietty, a movie that I know several Youtubers mentioned.
    • The 80’s Heidi. We always called milkmaid braids “Heidi braids.” I didn’t actually learn they were called milkmaid braids until my twenties I don’t think.
    • The Grandma’s Attic series.
    • If you are leaning really rural/agrarian, then Wendell Berry. Not idyllic rural/agrarian though. I’ve also got David Kline (Amish farmer) essay collections on my TBR which would also fit. I also have some books on shepherd’s lives on my TBR which would also seem to fit with this.
    • Definitely romantic nature would be the Gene Stratton-Porter books.
    • I think the tv series was mentioned, but I definitely recommend the Christopher Timothy narrated James Herriot books.
    • Friendly Persuasion seems like it would fit the cottagecore vibes, the movie, maybe the book too, I never got into that though.
    • Susan Branch. I just started her A Fine Romance.
    • I’m thinking the poetry of Robert Frost as well.
    • I also saw some suggested videos on Cottagecore and Tasha Tudor which I need to explore as well.
    For Style and Instagram
    • I love the styles of Adored Vintage. I don’t love the colors. This is a true cottagecore style shop.
    • I found this Instagrammer through another, and her style is just perfection. Bright colors, patterns, textures and gorgeous romantic/folk inspired styles. I want SO many of her clothes. She blends several elements of style that I love.
    • This Instagrammer has some super ruffly romantic styles that I love as well. More modern romantic style.
    • Foraging Pages describes her style on her bio as “academic cottagecore.”
    • JE Stanway. I think this might be cottagecore and light academia?
    • The art of Lore Pemberton, I’ve several pieces, and I want more!

    Obviously Darling Desi and Ruby Granger, but also Hannah Lee Dugan, her personal style is cottage core I feel, and she literally lives in a log cabin and van. As well as The Cottage Fairy.

    Lauren Johnson has some cottagecore inspired sewing videos.

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    What I Watched: September and October 2020

    I forgot to do a movie round up for September and since I’ve not really been watching much I thought I put September and October together.


    What a Girl Wants. I needed a nice, fluffy funny film, and this delivered, especially a certain hilarious scene with Colin Firth dancing in front of the mirror, especially since Colin Firth always plays a variation of the same character: an emotionally constipated somewhat priggish Brit.

    “No hugs dear, I’m British, we only show affection to dogs and horses.”

    I believe I also started Oh My Venus, my first K-drama, I didn’t realize it is more like a series not a movie, so I didn’t get very far, and I’ve restarted my Hulu subscription, so I’m watching it again this month, and I’m halfway through now I think. I at first thought it dragged and was rather bewildered, but then the super funny stuff started happening.


    Jumanjii 2. I haven’t seen any Jumanjii’s until we watched this on a sibling movie night. I was screaming with laughter, I will definitely have to watch the first one. Kevin Hart was a scream, my sister said she thought he was best in this one and that Jack Black was the best in the first remake. I need to watch the first one soon.

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Eh, after Some Like it Hot, this is really tame.

    Twelve Angry Men. Wow. wow. wow. Everyone, and I mean everyone should watch this. If you don’t know much about it, don’t learn anything, just go into it without learning, it packs its punch stronger that way.


    I learned about Darling Desi on Youtube from this post by Hannah of Literary Morning, but I really started watching the videos when she started doing her fall videos, talk of atmospheric, they are SO fun and inspiring! This channel is so unique. I’ve already watched two of the movies she mentioned on her mysteries video.

    Lauren Johnson has lots of fall sewing and craft videos, and I just love her aesthetic. I first found out about the glorious Rifle Paper company through her.