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    Thirteen Treasures Trilogy

    I found this trilogy via one of the blogs I follow and introduced it to my sisters. I loved it. I love fairy lore woven into modern times. Do not expect the brilliance of R.J. Anderson’s books, but do expect fun and magic. These books are QUITE dark for juvenile fiction, but this fits with the violence in fairy lore (ancient Celtic/Irish/English/Welsh/Scottish/Cornish, etc. mythology and on which Tolkien’s world is based). I think these covers are all different from the library books I borrowed, but all are interesting.


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    Girly Stories: Fairies

    I love faeries and fairy tales (and don’t you just die over the spelling of faery and faeries-swoon). I have read plenty of fairy tale re-tellings (the original stories can be reaaalllly creepy…to put it mildly), but I have not actually read many stories of actual fairies.

    I have looked through Gale Carson Levine’s fairy stories (these are related-I am not sure which came first, but I am guessing her stories-to the Disney Fairies movie series). They are cute enough but definitely for a very young audience.

    One of my acquaintances at church led me to another set of series, and they are thrillingly bewitching. I literally was under a spell reading them. I cannot express how good they are; I have no words for such literary and creative genius. There is one full trilogy and then a (connected) series with only one book so far.

    At my public library system they only have the first two of the trilogy. The trilogy is entitled “Faery Rebels.” The books in this series are Knife (Spellhunter in the U.S.), Rebel (Wayfarer in the U.S.), and Arrow.

    The U.K. names are waaaay better aren’t they? Although Knife isn’t the best choice (not that I would know what was…). The U.K. covers (those shown) are the best as well-the U.S covers make the books seem just your silly, average teen fiction-trust me they are not-this is pure literary perfection here peoples, I am serious-read them.

    The fourth book which is related but part of a new series is Swift, and it might kinda be my favorite (you cannot really have favorites since these books are connected in interesting ways). Swift has the best cover.

    The second book in this series is Nomad and is supposed to come out in 2014. These covers should make you want to read them-the covers are shimmering, mysterious, elegant, and enchanting-GO READ THESE BOOKS!