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    Posting Schedule

    I was rather brain dead earlier this month and thought that I’d just set the goal to one post a week, but I think I came up with more ideas on that same day, plus this snow day and after seeing others’ posts, I’ve just feel a re-burst of energy/inspiration/ideas. So February is going to be pretty full. And I’m hoping to better manage my time and energy and interests to keep it up. Hopefully at the lowest ebb, I can manage around 2 posts a week.

    I’m still at around 20 drafts (I’d prefer to keep it much lower, but I think some of them I need to reread books or get more to add to them) plus my list of blog posts ideas (a better way to store things than tons of drafts).

    I think my sweet spot is scheduling around several weeks to a month at a time, leaving plenty of days to add in any tags or randomly thought of posts. I usually like accumulating several ideas then having a time where I’m inspired to blog and then whipping up a bunch of posts. If I schedule too far in advance as I’ve done in the past, I’ve sort of emotionally and mentally moved on from the posts and its a little off kilter feeling, whereas if I have to post too close every single week, I wouldn’t have the ideas or energy.