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    Art Fair Haul

    For the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve attended a local arts festival with my grandparents (I don’t have a single photos of us there, hello, lady, document some memories). I do remember to take photos of what I get (so important) after though.

    I bought a clutch from a refurbished leather jacket. A handwoven towel (I would probably use as table runner) from the historical part. Various bath and body goodies. Sterling silver necklace and earrings (peridot, my birthstone). Three beautiful mugs. A poppy bowl.

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    Art Fair Haul

    My grandparents and I made our fourth annual trip to a local art fair again. I went once before without them and then after I invited them once we’ve made it a tradition. I love it. My attention span matches with their strength and the area is a nice, small size.

    This lovely tray is made out of recycled aluminum; its as elegant looking as pewter but lighter and less expensive. The lady said is was safer for food use too, but I know other people disagree with use of aluminum with food.


    I love these little houses. I bought different sizes and colors for my sister, and I’d love to have a more full collection. They are adorable alone but can also be used for vases and planters.
    I also bought natural bug spray and poison ivy treatment spray. The latter contains jewelweed. I’d read about that before when searching for poison ivy helps (I seem to get it every year, probably from the animals although I haven’t got it yet). The lady who made these sprays says jewelweed grows by poison ivy which I thought was fascinating.
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    Local Art Festival Haul

    I cannot remember if I posted these or not. I couldn’t find a post in my quick survey. I attended the art festival for the 3rd time with my grandparents, 4th time total. And my do I love that. I bought my mom soap and myself a lotion stick. My grandparents bought a slate to hang outside and a gorgeously worked wood tray.
    Isn’t this cake stand darling? Or for a cheese ball (I’m obsessed with those). I bought my sisters’ Christmas gifts from this shop, and there was a vase I wanted but it was too expensive for me then (the shop owner said I could request it on Etsy).

    Mom suggested that if I use the stand for a cheese ball this could be for the crackers (pardon the blur).
    My favorite jewelry shop was there again!!!
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    Travel Treasures

    I bought a few jewels on my trip and picked a few things up off the beach in San Diego (most of what the sea washed in was GOBS of seaweed which is disgusting . . . sayeth the Gulf child).

    In Albuquerque we stopped at Genuine Southwest Arts and Gifts, and I bought two lovely bowls and a pair of glass earrings. The first bowl is made out of micaceous clay which is only found in New Mexico.
    Some sidewalk vendors lined some store fronts in Albuquerque, and I found a lovely turquoise and silver pendant.
    On a San Diego beach I picked up this stone and these mussel shells.

    And in Utah, I bought this tiny piece of Navajo pottery from a roadside vendor.

  • Beauty and Fashion

    A Few Unique Aspects of Style and Color Theory

    I love what I have learned on Inside Out Style Blog. I am rather disappointed that she seems to have removed old posts with her updated site though, or maybe I am too techno-ignorant to find them. Here are some unique aspects of fashion and color theory, most of which I had never read about or heard mentioned before I learned about this site. The first two are quite interesting for me because I do not like neutrals, and yet I do not like wearing colors that are too far opposite on the color wheel. And now I know that I do not look good in these and why.

    Color Contrast, how eye, hair, and skin color relate to each other in this post.

    Value Contrast, the varying intensities in eye, skin, and hair color in this post.

    Both together in this post.

    Texture and sheen of fabrics and how it relates to the sheen of your skin and hair in this post. I have noticed that I do not look amazing in charmeuse 🙁 and now I know why. FYI oily skin does not equal shiny skin and you also have to consider your hair texture.

    Color Intensity in this post.

    Comfort in this post.

    Beyond the color seasons in this post. I have yet to search further in this one. I bought a summer swatch fan, but I really feel like I need to determine my colors rather than rely on the fan since I looked at some of the colors and noticed ones I knew would not work. Maybe I could get a more reliable set of colors to use via this theory.

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    Accessories: Scarves

    This is my scarf collection minus one (a very important one: my first cashmere scarf). I have only in the last year seriously started my scarf collection and my winter selection is quite limited. I also would like to build my ethereal silk scarf collection. I am also hoping to find a real, white lace scarf.
    When you find a clothing item (particularly an accessory that is your color and style (and for me material), you need to snatch it up instead of waiting until you have something to match. If you buy colors in a color determination theory that suit you, all your colors should go together and you will eventually have something with which to wear the piece. And buying items you need when you need them can be disastrous and wasteful (like waaay to large to be easily altered, in a color or style you do not love, and etc.).

    When  I worked at Clothes Mentor one of the stores had a scarf tying sheet pinned to a bulletin board, and one style was this braided infinity style. I loved wearing my scarves this way last winter. I also liked tying the ends together to make a regular scarf into an infinity scarf. A customer also showed me a way to make a scarf into a wrap which she said a waitress had showed her; it involved folding it and tying ends together. I think the scarf may have to be a certain shape. I will have to research that. I need to experiment more with styles. I want to build a pin/brooch collection and also get jewelry pieces to turn a regular scarf into a scarf necklace like this. I have collected several tutorials and scarf style lists on Pinterest.

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    My First Designer Purse

    I have had a suede leather purse, but it was small and I am not a fan of suede. I have usually only had cheaply made but expensive man-made material purses. I want to make some purses, but I will have to buy materials.

    Anyway. One of the Clothes Mentor stores had some of their designer purses 50% off a couple of weeks ago, and I bought this, for about $30. I LOVE it. I think it is so beautiful. And because designer purses are not always real leather (which is ridiculous considering their price), I double checked the tag inside to make sure it was real leather. Silver leather, how perfect.

    It matches with most of my wardrobe (except some items that are not my season), and the size and style fit my figure well. I tried it on at a mirror with some other purses also; I had not really thought of doing that and how important that is until I noticed customers doing it and felt the weight of some of my other purses. This is a good first step in improving this category of accessory. Now for a nice wallet, nude/cocoa purse, and some cute small cross-body purses for travel and long shopping days.
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    Whimsical, Unique, Artsy Jewels

     I won a customized locket from Origami Owl a few years ago. I knocked the back out when trying to add a too wide charm. I need to find out how to fix it.
     My ten commandment bookmark from childhood.
     Books from Hobby Lobby to make this necklace or one similar. Except I do not want all the colors together, and I want to cover the gold on some of the books with silver and perhaps add a little more detail to the books.
    The book necklace I made. I have not really worn it; I think I need a longer chain. 
    Resin earrings from Chicago years ago. I ended up loving them when I was hesitant at first.
     Sterling silver charms from a fun antique shop nearish us. There is always a nice pile of all sorts of random charms. The little Bible has the Lord’s Prayer in teeny-tiny print in it.
     Some jewelry from nature.
     Pewter from Williamsburg and glass beads from an art fair. 
     Another art fair gem.
    I just love fairy-tale and whimsical jewelry and want to meticulously curate a collection for myself.

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    Art Festival

    I attended an art fair/festival with my grandparents one week-end recently. We went together last year also. So. much. fun. and. family time. I think we should officially make it a tradition since we all enjoy it so.

    I cannot post photos of all of my purchases due to some of them being gifts (although I do not think that my sisters read my blog, but it would be my luck if they did read it and saw photos of presents!), but here are my goodies. Some of my favorite booths from previous years were not there, but I found plenty of new ones.

    One day I will make an effort and post good photos, one day.

     Glass earrings
     Resin necklace. This was my favorite shop; I walked in, looked around for a few minutes, laughed and said, “I love everything!” All of it kind of looked liked colored, shimmering dewdrops.
    Mosaic necklace.
    Adorable little baby pottery vases. You cannot hardly tell from the “artsy” iPhone photo, but the one on the left is light green and the one on the right is soft blue.
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    Vintage Buys

    I mentioned in a previous post that I ordered a vintage pattern.

    Here is the pattern sleeve. I cannot find a date, but the ebay listed stated 1940’s. All the pieces are pre-cut, yay! The pattern is just one (too small) size, but I think I can enlarge it fairly easily.

    Look at those neckline and waistline details!
    I bought these 1960’s sterling silver earrings on etsy. They are so elegant. I think I want to wait until I have the proper new outfit with which to wear them. I will also try to polish them with baking soda. 
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    Art Festival

    I went with my grandparents to an annual arts and crafts festival in our area. This particular one is my favorite of the few such events I have visited. This year was even better than last year. I went a little crazy with my shopping. I wish I had thought to buy Christmas and birthday gifts though 🙁

    The event was on the same day as a graduation party, so I bought a peace offering/graduation gift.

    I love these types of pendants and would love to learn how to make them. This particular one was reversible.

    The spoons this local couple made were not stained; this is the natural walnut wood when aged and treated. I would like some of their salad tongs in walnut, that would be gorgeous against the green of lettuce and/or spinach.

    The camera does not show the lovely sea green color of this mug very well. I would buy from all of the vendors I bought from again. This lady had lovely owl vases as well as various other serving and cooking dishes.

    Isn’t this bracelet exquisite? I loved lots of the artist’s pieces and would like to buy more. They would make excellent wedding jewelry!
    This is my crowning purchase.

    Gorgeousness, pure gorgeousness.

    These next two set of purchases came from a local shop. I would like to have several of the little tea bag tray,s so that whenever I have a tea each my guests can use one. I had one already, so now I have three. That is a tea ball; we have never had one before.
    This is proper sealing wax. Yay, for elegantly sealed invitations for the next tea party!