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    Would You Rather: Lovely Edition

    I went full-time at the beginning of the year and while I cut out my second weekend job, I still feel like I have so little time; I’ll have to do a catch up post later. As well as other posts when I can get my brain in order.

    I’m joining in Cordy’s Lovely Blog Party with her “Would You Rather.”

    Would you rather wear a ball gown for a formal first date, or would you prefer an active first date?

    A formal date where I could where a ball gown would be so much fun. But it could also be nerve wracking. Ideally, I think this would be my first choice, but as long as it didn’t set the tone for lots of formal or upscale events.

    Would you rather have to matchmake for someone, or have someone matchmake for you?

    Matchmake for someone else, feel I could do it better/make it less awkward.

    Would you rather be serenaded or be the one that has to do the serenading?

    Both are awful, but since I can’t sing, I’ll pick the first and hope it’s private, comic, and he has a good voice.

    Would you rather receive flowers and chocolates or chocolates and a teddy bear as tokens of affection?

    Flowers and chocolates. I genuinely love those “cliche” things and would/have bought for myself. I love teddy bears, but I have several including a little live in my little fur baby.

    Would you rather wear a veil or a flower crown on your wedding day?

    I was honestly thinking about both. But a circlet, small flowers or floral designed circlet.

    Would you rather receive a romantic poem or have to write and gift a romantic poem?

    Yeah, the serenading and the poetry and ooshy, gooshy sentimental words are the cliches I don’t personally like, as in really, really don’t. I prefer simple, sincere direct words. So again, it’d have to be him, and as a spoof.

    Would you rather cook a meal for your date, or have your date cook for you?

    Date cook for me. I don’t love cooking.

    Would you rather watch a chick-flick or an action film as your date-night movie?

    I feel like chick-flicks are more a girls night thing. I don’t love action movies as an overall genre. But if it was action adventure, especially a classic or something like National Treasure, then I think that’s a great date-night movie.

    Would you rather dance in the rain, or stargaze together?

    Probably stargaze if I didn’t have to drive home in the dark, although a warm rain dance I could find more fun in the right circumstances.



    I’m great at decisions.

    “1 or 2?”

    “Well actually, I’d like 3 or 4.”

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    Favorite Love at First Sight Couples

    I’m linking up here to Cordy’s Lovely Blog Party.

    So, I’ve done, Friends to Lovers, Enemies/Frenemies to Lovers, and now for the oft-maligned, highly suspect love at first sight couples. I think this is best done when it is attraction at first sight (often the other tropes have this but its unequal or there is also enmity at first sight) sans any complicating factors that develops quite quickly into love.

    Also, there is a version of this type that features a huge amount of humor and/or suspense. So, lots of Georgette Heyer and Mary Stewart novels and some M.M. Kaye mysteries.

    Peter and Donna in A Tangled Web are both a fun, interesting love story, yet at the same time poking fun at this trope just a bit. Of course there is a real parody of this bit with the Jocelyn and Hugh situation. That book is a comedy gem.

    More serious and sweet pairings:

    • Lord Bradford and Azalea in Entwined.
    • The Ordinary Princess and her “Apprentice” in The Ordinary Princess.
    • Similarly Cinderella and Kit in the live action Cinderella.
    • Danielle and Henry in Ever After.
    • I think Linden and Rob in Rebel and Arrow. My 2nd favorite couple in this trilogy and the related duology who get the least amount of time.

    Any well-know, well-loved, respected (aka, NOT Romeo and Juliet, lol) couples that I missed?

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    My Favorite Couples with Hilarious Love Moments

    I’m linking up to Cordy’s Lovely blog party here.

    Harry and Ginny in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

    Ginny pined for Harry for awhile and then took steps to move in with her life. Harry got over Cho and then it was his turn to pine (oh how the turn tables). When I ship a couple I often love the dramatic jealousy bits, and Harry is ridiculous, I think he needed to suffer a bit after Ginny need.

    Book 6 is emotionally tumultuous with all the love triangles and fighting, the especial amount trouble with Snape, Ron’s Quidditch drama, all of this culminates for Harry when he, the team captain misses the final Quidditch game due to detention.A

    Then he walks in to the common room and hears they’ve won, and he kisses Ginny right in front of everyone in the midst of the jubilation, and its just such a perfect moment.

    Harry’s crush on Cho and Ginny’s crush on him were always so public plus they are both pretty confident, popular people, I just loved that their moment was so public and triumphant. . . in contrast to the unbelievably milksop scene in the movie. The movies did Ginny an injustice in the way they portrayed her, she’s useless.

    Peter and Donna in  The Tangled Web

    They are both so dramatic, she’s doing the crushed forever faithful widow bit with her cousin, he’s doing the manly outdoor, woman hating type.

    He’s outdoors and she’s stuck indoors at that absurd gathering, both probably bored out of their minds. Then they lock eyes and fall in love in a moonstruck madness love at first glance melodramatic parody way.

    They aren’t super young which makes is so much funnier about how dramatic they are including with their later fight. They are my favorite part about that hilarious book. LM Montgomery has a way of taking people who at first glance are trying to be a stereotype and then showing them to be acting ridiculous and knowing they are acting ridiculous and not caring a bit and choosing to go their own way.

    Perry and Ilse in Emily’s Quest

    Perry had a school boy’s crush on Emily while Ilse always liked him and continually fought with and berated him. I think Perry got over the crush by high school and simply remained stubbornly determined to have Emily because he set his mind to it.

    Ilse on the other hand, pretended to get over Perry and never let it slip for decades even to Emily that she loved him. Emily let it slip to Perry when it was “too late.”

    I just love the set up, Ilse on her wedding day (why oh why couldn’t it have been to some random man, let’s not think to hard about this monstrosity) hears that Perry’s been killed and hightails it to the hospital in her wedding dress, where after finding out he was hurt not killed, she declares that she will marry him.

    It’s just perfectly fitting for both of them, neither of them exactly follow society’s expectations. Loud, dramatic, causes a huge scene and scandal at the non wedding, just generally an awesome wrap up.

    Teddy and Bramble in Entwined

    Brash Bramble and jovial Teddy. Another love bit where she “hates” him because she’s not romantic, and he’s just so, doofy and their is just so much trouble in her life.

    It culminates when he does something noble and then declares his love while being snubbed. When she realizes the truth, she jumps at him and a magic rug swallows them both. It’s quite the scene.


    Meg March and John Brooke in Little Women

    Less dramatic and more mischievous. I love how Meg starts off declaring she’s going to calmly refuse John then loses her nerve straight off once he actually shows up.

    And then he shows himself too smug and gets snubbed for it.

    Aunt March barges in and then Meg’s mood changes again contrarily and of course John hears it all, and Jo comes down to rejoice over John’s rout only to find Meg on his knee.

    Just the moments, the prose, the humor, one of my favorite bits of Little Women.

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    The Friends to Lovers Couples

    I’m linking up here to Cordy’s Lovely Blog Party.

    “Perhaps, after all, romance did not come into one’s life with pomp and blare, like a gay knight riding down; perhaps it crept to one’s side like an old friend through quiet ways; perhaps it revealed itself in seeming prose, until some sudden shaft of illumination flung athwart its pages betrayed the rhythm and the music, perhaps . . . perhaps . . . love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship, as a golden-hearted rose slipping from its green sheath.”

    Now, L.M. Montgomery really likes the friends to lovers arc, often where the man likes the woman, but he is not her “ideal.” Anne and Gilbert obviously, Pat and Jingle (I like Jingle best of all the guys), and Emily and Teddy (he’s not really a man but a spineless jellyfish). I however, feel that she doesn’t really develop the men super well in these. Barney and Valancy on the other hand where the friend-zoning is swapped, she develops both characters well.

    Where the girls get Friend-zoned:

    • Perry and Ilse in the Emily books (their love story is MUCH more satisfying than Emily and Teddy’s). Perry just had an Emily fixation rather than a love of her.
    • Polly and Tommy in An Old-Fashioned Girl. This is because Tommy is a vain young fool.
    • Molly and Roger in Wives and Daughters. Don’t get me started on Roger’s idiocy, although I can see how it would take a bit without his idiocy because Molly is young and girlish rather than womanly in attitude, outlook, and interests at first.

    Where the boys get Friend-zoned:

    • Mac and Rose in Rose in Bloom. Well, they are both cousin-zoned but we try not to think about that too much.
    • Mia and Michael in the Princess Diaries movie. This is a childhood fav, he’s just so cute and sweet and respectful about everything even when he is stood up.

    Double Friend-zoned:

    • Ginny is Ron’s embarrassing kid sister until she gets over (showing) her crush. They are friends for a couple years. Then Harry gets his taste of being in the Friend zone for a bit.

    I’m sure there are couples where they are both just friends then become lovers without any long one-sided interest, the sort of slow burn couples. I’m guessing that doesn’t usually make that interesting of a story as the enemies to lovers/bantering couples, the friend-zoning, or the love at first sight tropes, comment if you can think of any.

    Martin and Ivy in Swift and Nomad come across as friends before lovers (to the point I wasn’t at all sure they would get together, usually books give it away), but I’m not sure if it wasn’t a bit one-sided at one point, I’m not sure, but I think of my favorites, that is the closet to a slow burn couple where they are both in the same stage as I can think of.

    Ooh, wait, I think Josh and Cher were a sort of slow burn couple, its different from Emma, Clueless makes it seem as if they both realize it near the same time, both were rather in denial for a while.