Ranch Cheese Ball Recipe

Keep in mind that some of this is guessing as I don’t measure precisely (this isn’t baking, but even then I’m not precise always although I need to work on that for baking which is a science). I think the garlic might be a little high. 2-3 garlic cloves, chopped1-2 tsp. finely chopped onion1.25 c.… Continue reading Ranch Cheese Ball Recipe

Autumn Epicureanism

I have been wanting to try chicken tetrazzini, and so one day when I had some chicken and the job of preparing supper I found a recipe and tried it. We rarely have wine on hand, but I scavenged a teeny tiny bottle from Brazil which Dad must have received as a gift or something… Continue reading Autumn Epicureanism

Recipe Binder

This assigned dish (with this crust) caused me to bring out my recipe binder  . . . to fill out the recipe for my own use I do not know if I mentioned this before, but last year I finally got seriously started on copying favorite recipes for my future family. You can see some scrap paper… Continue reading Recipe Binder