The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club Mini-Review

The tone of this book was better than Unnatural Death plus for Wimsey, more personal (although much less than in Clouds of Witness). Less ghastly and only one murder. One love match. More mystery. Actually, towards the end the detectives make discoveries so fast and reveal so little that I was bewildered and thought that I… Continue reading The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club Mini-Review

Unnatural Death Mini-Review

The murderer in Unnatural Death, I think, was more of the Julian Freke style of murderer. Callous and brutal. I can remember three murders and at least 3 victims of attempted murder—including Lord Peter himself. Plus other disgusting/disturbing/wrong elements. This book, like Whose Body, was more of a detective story (i.e. we all—reader and characters—know who… Continue reading Unnatural Death Mini-Review

The Daisy Chain Review

I feel like this novel is Victorian in the conventional and derogatory understanding. I found the story interesting, but the author wrote in an extremely moralistic and sanctimonious (and unorthodox) style. Anglicanism consists of morals and works and not faith and grace, and the author wrote under the influence of the Oxford movement in Anglicanism… Continue reading The Daisy Chain Review

Othello Mini-Review

Again, a required read for class. My professor pointed out that Iago was the most interesting and developed character and this notification and the fact that we watched clips of the film version in which Kenneth Branagh plays Iago, caused me to really think that he alone was a interesting character. Okay not quite, Cassio… Continue reading Othello Mini-Review

The Inimitable Jeeves Mini-Review

Jeeves remained in the background in this book, and this book contained fewer hilarious descriptions of him which I found disappointing. A few of the stories focused on Bertie exclusively, but they mostly seemed to revolve around his friend Bingo Little who constantly dragged Bertie into his scrapes. Bertie seemed more of a person than… Continue reading The Inimitable Jeeves Mini-Review

Ormond Review

I did not like this novel. A weak, unworthy character and circumstantial salvation/restoration/development of moral character. A lady with a nice son and daughter tries reforming a wild young man, Ormond, after someone is nearly killed. Ormond takes a tiny step and then slides into philandering. He then is fascinated by a empty-headed doll. He… Continue reading Ormond Review